Social Structure Matrix


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Social structure matrix


In the society, I identify with two ascribed and two achieved status.The first ascribed status is race. I am an African American byidentity. The second ascribed status is my gender, a woman.Therefore, the society identifies me as an African American woman. Ihave so far attained two achieved status. The first one is a student,as I am a student at the University of Phoenix. In my studies, I havespecialized in the field of medicine and health, and I am a healthadministrator. This skill has thus awarded me the achieved status ofhealth administrator.

My master status in the society is a health administrator. Whenever Iinteract with my peers, family and friends, I always prefer to beviewed as and identified as a health administrator. Whilst most of mypeers relate with me as a fellow student in nursing, havingspecialized in health administration puts it as my master status.

Thereare a number of social roles that are associated with the variousstatus identified above, and they are as follows:-

  1. African American – member of the Democratic Party group.

  2. Woman – mother to children and wife to a man. Also future grandmother to many.

  3. Graduate – supposed to contribute to the society by working and developing the nation.

  4. Health administrator – taking care of people’s health by ensuring that public health is promoted.

Atone point, I faced a role conflict by having the ascribed status of awoman in the society. I had to help out my mother preparing dinner Ihad to visit my sick friend in hospital. I could not avoid eitherbecause as a woman, it is expected of me to help around the house,while at the same time, I have to show care and friendship byvisiting my sick friend at hospital.


My primary group is my fellow class mates with whom we majored inhealth administration. Together, we attend seminar, keep check ofeach other’s progress and ensure that our academic and professionaldevelopment is kept on check. My secondary group is women. I am partof the Young Women Association, a group I joined based on interestsand activities. We meet occasionally and discuss gender issuesaffecting women and how to tackle the challenges.

Norms,sanctions and values

AfricanAmerican – Part of the minority races in the United States.Regarded as one of the most active races in terms of public discourseparticipation and economic progress.

Women– Valued as the mothers and guardians of the future generation.Much of the society considers women as the pillars on which theentire society is built upon. However, women have long been limitedto the domestic rather than public authority, despite the latestdevelopments in gender equity.

Students– Similarly, students are considered as the builders of the nationin future times, and as such, much has been invested in them.However, career conflicts and responsibility confusion is oftenassociated with this group.

Publicadministrator- valued as the guardians of health for the nation.However, they are sometimes overladen with health responsibilities,which can be taken care of by the people themselves.


This is the contrast of personal experience and societal perception(Lemert, 2011). The society perceives health administrators as peoplewho have knowledge about almost every aspect relating to the mentaland physical well-being of the people. However, in reality, healthadministrators just follow the policies and rules of practice,enabling them to raise the standards of health. Regardless, this hasinfluenced my self-identity as a responsible and reliable person inthe society.


Lemert, C. (2011). Social things: An introduction to thesociological life. New York, NY: Rowman &amp Littlefield.