Sodexo incentives


Incentives are essential in every firm and employees feel motivatedand recognized when they are rewarded. Employees at Sodexoare rewarded according to their performance. A company or anorganization that seeks to retain employees and motivate tem mustcome up with ways of encouraging and motivating the employees. Whenan employee is recognized in the entire organization and evenglobally as the best performing employee in an organization, chancesare that the employee will not leave the organization (Fisher,2008). Recognition and appreciation seems like a form of respect tothe employee. Employees who are rewarded feel that their efforts arebeing recognized by the company or the organization in question.Widespread incentives ensure that the employees at the particularorganization improve in performance significantly. Every employeewill seek to be recognized and since the only way to achieve this isthrough performance there is no doubt that the employees willdevelop a culture of hard work.

Recognition at a nationallevel is something that is admirable. As a result, when employees arerecognized nationally for their performance, their co-workers andcolleagues will develop a culture of hard work and will seek to go anextra mile to try and achieve some success in order to be recognized.Additionally, the co-workers will also admire to receive the monetaryreward that comes along with the recognition(Fisher,2008). Therefore, the co-workers will work extremely hard and even goan extra mile to impress the clients and therefore please themanagement. The performance of the co-workers will definitely go upsignificantly. This is because the only the employees can berecognized is through unique performance. As a result, the overallperformance of the entire organization will improve. This is anindication that indeed widespread incentives are vital in theprogress of any organization (Fisher,2008).


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