Speed Limits in Nova Scotia

SpeedLimits in Nova Scotia

SpeedLimits in Nova Scotia

Normally,most of the road accidents experienced are attributed to the highrates of speed vehicles. With this as the main reason, the governmentof Nova Scotia, Canada, decided to put up a pilots project. The pilotproject is a research test used to study the results of a particularlaw or rule put in place. Data is collected, analyzed and throughthis, the effects of a project put in place are known. The pilotproject was put up in Nova Scotia to test how effective the speedlimit project would be on the reduction of accidents and on the levelof safety at large. Although the government of Nova Scotia embracedthe speed reduction proposal and was ready to support it, the projectwas accepted by very few motorists and consequentially implemented invery few areas (Hird, 2012). Through the pilot project, it isobserved that reduced speed reduces the rates of accidents andtherefore the cases of fatalities at a high rate. When a pedestrianis hit by a vehicle travelling at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour,the rates of survival are less as compared to that hit by a carmoving at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Reduced speed at areasnear the schools and in highly populated areas has reduced the numberof accidents (Harlifax, 2010).

Allthe same, some towns were ready to fight the alarmingly rates ofaccidents which claim a lot of lives, cause a lot of fatal injuriesas well as led to destruction of a lot of properties. The town ofBridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada, was one of the towns that embracedthe speed limit rule. Fairclough (2015) says that in 2012, a speedlimit of 30 kilometers per hour was implemented in every road thathad a school nearby. The speed was reduced from 50 kilometers perhour in all the school zones. A motorist is supposed to slow downwhenever he sees children on the road, outdoors, or within 30 metersoff the road. In Bridgewater, this law is only followed when thechildren are in the learning seasons mostly at fall. This has beenreduced the number of accidents around the schools at a high rate.Fairclough (2015) argues that, most school children are not perfectin observing the road rules and therefore, the logic ways is toensure low speed in areas where there is the likelihood to find moreschool children.

However,in Kentville, explains, the law is supposed to be followed every day,all week, throughout the year. Drivers are supposed to follow thisrule even when the schools are out for summer (Kings County News,2013). Physical signs were put up in order to make the rule moreclear to the drivers (Hird, 2014). Children are the main reason thespeed limit rule was put in place in Kentville. However, to make thedrivers aware that they are approaching the school, a sign must beenused in advance of a school ground so as to provide prior warning tothe motorists approaching. A post in at the start of the school iserected to provide prior warning to an approaching driver. Anotherpost is put up after the school ground to so as to mark the end ofthe school ground and the low limit. The Kentville rule has been moreeffective as compared to that of Bridgewater. This is because whendrivers are allowed to ride at a speed of 50 kilometers per hourduring summer, it gets hard to adapt back to the 30 kilometers perhour speed during fall (Harlifax, 2015).

LahaveHeights is a land leasing community in Bridgewater. As CMHC (2015)explains, it offers 215 manufactured homes developed by the homecenter group of companies. The Manufactured houses are the mostaffordable places to live in and are much cheaper and thereforepreferred to renting. To prevent accidents every driver is expectedto maintain a speed of 30 km per hour every time they are around thehome centers. This is very logic considering the thin lanes in thehome centers that leave little walking space for the pedestrian. Thismeans that, whether or not one is in the present of children, aroundor far from a school, the slow and safe rule should always befollowed in the home center and ensures that the people in the homecenter are safer.

Inthe year 2014, the speed limit for the vehicles travelling from Trutato Falmouth was reduced to 30 kilometers per hour and a maximum of 40kilometers per hour (The Packet, 2009). In the speed determinationprocess, some of the physical properties have to be observed. Thisincludes how busy the place is as well as the presence of heavyvehicles. Both factors increase the risks of the accidents. The factthat there will be the construction of flats and homes means thatthere would be population increase. The packet (2015) notes thatdevelopment comes along development comes along with increasedtraffic movements, and low speed limits ensures safe traffic as wellas pedestrian movements


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