Statement of Purpose for Mechanical Engineering Major


Statementof Purpose for Mechanical Engineering Major

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Re:Statement of Purpose forMechanical Engineering Major

Followingmy application for the Mechanical Engineering Major, I hereby presentmy reasoning for the selection, which I humbly request you toconsider. I selected the course because of my passion for engineeringand commitment to pursue the career to the best of my abilities.Since my childhood, I have been greatly interested in engineering,and I loved everything that relates to mechanical applications ofengineering. I remember that I used to verbalize my dream both atschool and at home, and boasted of how I will become a mechanicalengineer one day.

Asa result of this love for mechanical engineering, I was greatlyinterested in learning physics and physical sciences in school. As aresult, I recorded good grades in the subjects and other subjects aswell. Academically, I have established myself as a lover of studies,and I am willing to continue with the same devotion for the sciences,mathematics and other subjects. I also adore people who work asmechanical engineers and always desire to become like them, orgreater than them. I remember, when I was young, I used to follow myuncle who is a mechanical engineer and wanted him to explain to meseveral things, some of which I could not understand. I am happy nowthat I have an opportunity to study the subject and become like him.

Moreover,I decided to study mechanical engineering as a major so that I cangive my full attention and dedication to the subject, and grow mycareer. According to Garner (2008), a vision is necessary for acourse and career in mechanical engineering. My vision for the courseis to achieve great grades so that I can reach the highest level ofqualification the engineering career. I dream to become an authorityin engineering by working with the best engineering companies in theworld, and solve mechanical engineering problems in the world. Bystudying the course in your university, I believe my professionalfuture will develop to higher heights. I therefore present thishumble request hoping that you will consider my application to yourinstitution, so that I can share with the vision and mission of theuniversity.





Garner,G. (2008). Careersin Engineering.New York: McGraw Hill Professional