Strategic Plan



Ramona’sLovely Touch Academy provides one of the best childcare services inthe region. In order to realize their goals there are strategic planthat has been put in place. The plan mainly comprises of parameters,tasks and developing steps to implementation and monitoring progress.

First,the project has some set goals which entail expansion of the academyto other locations. Further the early care will have its hoursextended with the extra working hours being 530 am to 12 am. Part ofthe goals is to bring on board bilingual teachers. Also, there areSpanish courses to be taught each day with 1 to 2 hours dedicated forthem. As part of the goal there is 1 month parenting classes to beoffered.

Inorder to realize its goals, the Academy and staff will ensure thattasks are assigned. Further, timelines will be put in place and eachtask or goal must be fulfilled within its set timeline. Also, thereare specific designated budget expenditures that shall be in place tomeet their needs. Further, to meet the goals there must be paidtraining classes and the neighborhood be expanded to multi culture.

Toensure that every other goal and task is in place there is need toensure oversight maintenance. This is to be done by the team leader.In doing so, progress reports shall be produced. Further, groupmeetings will be held to help in the oversight process. Lastly theremust be same information operation to ensure oversight.

Forthe project is properly executed within the budget, there is need totake into consideration the cost overruns. Moreover financialplanning should be integral and this usually is related to theproject planning referred to as budgeting. Meeting of deadlines incrucial for ensuring that tasks are completed and executed on timeand generally keeps in check the project thus ensuring that it stayson track and the various project phases are well on course. Theprocess is carried out by team leader or the manager.

Inorder to realize the full productivity, the Academy will have inplace alternative strategies for the projects. The tactics to beemployed include price focus, differentiation, diversification, andadjustment business. In focusing on the price, the Academy useslow-cost structure and the target segment which are defined beforethe study. Differentiation is integral in making them the productoffered to be unique (Abell, 1988). Usually, the differentiation offeatures is mainly done for higher premiums. Thus the products thatare produced are to be affordable and able to complement each other.As part of the strategies, diversification plays a big role centerstage. Through diversification, there is development of new businessor marks. Through diversification the company will have its resourcesproperly.


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