Strategy Formulation and Implementation


Every organization must have strategies and there must be a planthat is laid down to implement such strategies (Burris, 2015). AtRamona’s Lovely Touch Academy, there are strategies which need tobe implemented in order to arrive at the various objectives that theacademy has. The academy must adopt certain operational changes inorder to implement the strategies successfully. One of the strategiesof the academy is to have high levels of training for the children.In order to have successful implementation of this strategy, theacademy must have the right resources such as finances, trainers andphysical facilities in place.

The organizational culture at the academy must also change to ensurethat the employees work as a team. It is essential to have teams thatcan handle various tasks. Differentiation of tasks is also essentialto ensure that the employees know what to do at what point (Burris,2015). It is also essential to keep timelines through which certainstrategies such as expansion of the academy should be completed. Thiswill of course include assigning resources and personnel to see to itthat the strategy is implemented. Another aspect that is essential inensuring that the strategies are implemented successfully is havingchecks and balances along the way (Burris, 2015). It is critical tohave progress reports as the strategies are being implemented. Thiswill ensure that the academy is in a position to identify flaws andcorrect them before a serious damage is done to the entireimplementation process.

Lastly, the academy needs to appoint people into teams and let themhandle certain strategy implementations (Burris, 2015). For instance,it is essential to have a team that can handle the expansionstrategy, while another team handles the development of a bilingualinstruction and training. These steps would be sufficient to ensurethat the strategies are implemented successfully.


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