Communication Dashboard Project


In undertaking thisproject, two major measurement tools proved very significant, andhelped come up with the results, heuristics assessment, and survey.These two tools helped in coming up with both the qualitative andquantitative data, despite the limited nature of the survey scope.


B y using theheuristic assessment, the two companies, McDonalds and Kfc werecompared, in terms of their website usability, engagement, capacityof interaction, and clarity. This analysis went ahead to analyze thecontent that was availed on the respective websites, the generaldesign and what needed to be rectified on either site.

In terms of thepossibility of contacting the customer care via making calls onlineor having an agent attend to the visitors online, Kfc was betterplaced as it had all these, which McDonalds did not have yet.McDonalds missed the availability of various shopping options and asite map to help customers locate the various stores from which theycould get the products of the company. This was an added advantagefor Kfc over McDonalds.

Both sites had wellestablished search functions and sign up processes to help retainvisitors by allowing them to come back as members rather than justpassers-by. However, both sites lacked the translation options andwell-founded and different pages for the first and returningvisitors.

In terms of thedesign of the two websites, the companies were at par with eachother. The brand of the company is effectively communicated in thewebsite for both McDonalds and Kfc. In terms of clarity, and the easewith which the visitors could navigate their ways around the sites,the results showed a very remarkable outcome. In fact, the bouncerate of the sites are closely associated to this navigation ease.

Under the engagementsection, there were quite some issues, especially those related tothe weight of the sites. Due to the very large images and cloggedcontent, it take quite too long before the sites are fully loaded.This is a turn off to most clients, as it demands too much patience.Besides, the heavy nature of the sites implies high consumption ofbandwidth, which could discourage the users especially the ones whohave to subscribe for the data they use.

McDonalds has moresocial networks, which visitors to the site may link with. However,the positioning is not well thought, they are placed at the farthestbottom part of the webpage. This is well established in the websitefor Kfc, which has them listed at the top right corner of the page.The links should be placed in position whereby they may easily beseen in the webpage. When the assessment was done and placed in ascoring scale of 1-5, one being a representation of the lowest scoreand 5 the highest, in terms of effectiveness, the table shown inAppendix 1 was arrived at.

Heuristic assessmentresults overview


As posited by Paine(65), when survey is correctly carried out, it is very possible tocome up with very reliable quantitative data. Such data has thepropensity of showing very crucial representation of the case understudy. However, Hutton (35) states that survey has variousweaknesses. Such weaknesses include the impossibility of coming upwith behaviors, it is usually not possible to measure the informationthat people have, and the unreliability in coming up with issueswhich a management may lay focus on. In reality, the results of thesurvey are instrumental in coming up with the research questions onwhich the group could work with. As such, it is appropriate to usethe method in combination with each other (Mavletova 429). Once theactionable data has been gathered, various modifications may be madeon the results of the very first survey to help improve on thefollow-up surveys.


The survey wasmainly designed to help come up with the measure of the level ofsupport that the website of McDonalds gives in terms of thecommunication objectives and the business goals.

Objectivesof the survey

  1. To come up with the most fundamental Key Performance Indicators highlighted in Section Four, above.

  2. To come up with the various areas that may have to be reconsidered as well as where there is still some chance to help the company improve.

  3. To come up with the various ways in which the website may impact the opinions, attitudes, motivation and knowledge that the visitors have about the company.


The survey put inplace various tools to help overcome the severe limitations usuallyassociated with them, as outlined by Hutton (35). In the selection ofthe sample, mainly the research took into consideration, theeducation level, and age groups of the respondents. Mainly, adultswere selected between the ages of 20 and 60. This was mainly done inorder to endure that there was not any form of bias arising frombelievers in certain norms and people with poor or undevelopedhabits. The adults beyond the age of 60 were avoided since they areusually associated with beliefs, even when it comes to the food theyconsume. Very young children were also avoided as they could givevery wrong information due to their love for junk food, therefore,leading to skewed results (Rich 128).

Resultsof the surveyGoals of the website

As outlined in section three above, the objectives of the website ofthe company are mainly to be able to:

  1. Provide information regarding its various products (Marketing)

  2. Increase the customers’ engagement

  3. Increasing awareness

Usage of the website

From the survey, allthe respondents accepted visiting the site at least once a day to seethe new products posted by the company, though, some may had done sowith the aim of making purchase as well. Out of the number, about 75percent confirmed that every time they visited they made somepurchase. 53.72 percent stated that they were usually tempted tocomment as such they usually made comments every time they got tothe site. On average, 61.50 mentioned connecting with theircolleagues over the other social media platforms and exchanged ideasof any new thing about the company. One particular respondentmentioned that she always wanted made sure that she was the first oneto get news form the site, before she could share it with her friendsand colleagues in her circles.

Perception and issues associatedwith the site

Inasmuch as therespondents generally expressed positive perception of the site,there were a series of complaints on the time that it took to loadthe website in cases whereby internet was low. They stated that ittook too much time for the site to load, hence along waiting time.This could deter or turn most of the respondents off. The respondentsalso commented on the inability of the visitors to communicate withthe customer care agents directly via live chats. They even suggestedavenue such as Skype and video-call applications to be incorporatedso as to enhance quick and enhanced communication (Sterne 44).


From the foregoingresults, it is evident that the site of McDonalds is quite welldesigned and the various users have very little problems whensurfing. However, the main concern is on the time taken to load thewebpage, which is seen as having very serious financial implication.This would impact negatively on the site attendance as fewer peoplewould be willing to visit the site due to the bandwidth demands andpatience needed.


Though the visitorsof the site have various avenues for interacting with and sharinginformation within their circles, it is very open that the site hasnot yet ventured so much on the various ideals that may help inkeeping the visitors engaged. The site may in this case, not manageto get proper marketing of its products due to limited sharing ofinformation on it.


From the forgoingdiscussions, one clear point is that the site successfully helps inthe creation of awareness about the products offered at McDonalds,especially due to the information that it entails. One aspect is theinformation on the contents of all the items that are shown on thesite. Even the brand and mission of the company are well establishedby the site. However, some of the communication objectives are stilllacking, or not well defined.

One particular movethat the company should embrace is to ensure that it is able toincrease the ease with which the various visitors can accessinformation. Such moves could be realized through the following:

  1. Lightening the website by balancing the information on each page

  2. Moving the social websites to a location where they may easily be accessed

  3. Creating a well-founded communication channel

  4. Incorporating the sitemap to the website

Besides, a largeraudience base should be served through such moves as incorporatingonline games so at to attract even the little children, introducingeducative newsletters, and even some standardized online questions.

Increasein engagement

Since people wouldnot always carry their computers around or be glued to the computerthe whole day, it is appropriate to get a means of getting people toaccess the website at their convenience. This could include the useof some of the mobile applications that are readily available andconstantly getting very popular. In this context, the site should bedesigned in such a manner that there is the option to switch to‘mobile view’. In addition, the widgets for the social mediaplatforms should be moved to a more open location other than thebottom most region, and made even more visible.


Dashboard VisualOne

Socialmedia engagement


Increasingvisitors’ engagement forms one of the major goals of McDonald’swebsite. From the forgoing discussion, it became clear that themethods of increasing engagement were still lagging behind. This wasmainly due to the positioning of the widgets for the social medialinkages. However, upon making them more visible, the next apparentneed would be to ensure that the visitors remained engaged in thesite for a longer time. Therefore, the company would take intoaccount the various impacts that the improvements have on thevisitors. Through applying this dashboard, it will be possibleanalyze the perception that the visitors have over the site(attitudinal KPIs) and the activities they undertake while on thesite (Behavioral KPIs). In the end, it will be possible to come upwith the relationship between the two KPIs the attitudes and howthey influence the behavior. In essence, this is mainly based on thecustomers finding it easy to link with the social websites hence,their attitudes get impacted, eventually making them willing to stayon the site more.

DashboardVisual Two

Improvementsmade on the website

Risein the customer turnout and improvement on their purchasing behavior


Thebehavioral KPIs have been very instrumental in investigating therelationship between the visitors who only pay a visit to getinformation regarding the products and those who actually makepurchases. From this, the marketing objective of the website caneasily be analyzed and probable required changes made. This mainlyrelies on the content and identification of the actual target group.


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APPENDICESAppendixA: Webpage


AppendixB: Measurement Tools

  1. Heuristic Assessment

Heuristicassessment: Score of 1-5, whereby 1 represents least effective and 5the most effective.




  1. The design of the website in terms of the visual appearance fully supports the brand identity of the organization, and by having a glance, one may easily tell the line of goods and services the company is majoring in. This entails the graphics, images, and even design elements. In essence, does the website represent the mission and brand identity of the company?



  1. Visitors to the site have various avenues for interacting in the course of their visit to the site. Such items include the ability to make comments, share ideas with others over other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.



  1. There are several channels of contacting the organization provided by the website. Such include the use of live chat, messaging, calls, and even having video-calls.



  1. Navigating around the site is easy and the visitors can easily get access to a variety of information by digging into the site. This implies the possibility of accessing information by navigation through various pages in a uniform manner without having to have a very long scroll-down search.



  1. There are provisions of various means of searching for information, and one may easily get form one page to the next without having to get back to the home page.



  1. The engagement and communication options provide by the site are quite easy to understand and use. In this sense, the first time visitors do not have to be guided by a third party in the manner of using the site in terms of blogging, commenting, sharing, and even communicating with the support team.



  1. It is easy to have a quick skim of the website and access to vast information in the shortest time possible.



  1. With respect to the general experience that the users gain from the visit is good and would often encourage second-time visit






  1. Survey

Pleasenote that this research is purely meant to come up with informationregarding McDonalds website, as such, the information you give hereinis going to be treated with the confidentiality that it requires. Youshould not disclose your name anywhere in the course of theinterview. Kindly check the boxes below each question appropriatelywith respect to the right answer.

  1. Gender



  1. Age





  1. Is this the first time you are visiting the site?



  1. In which location do you access the website the most?




  1. On opening the website for McDonalds, concerning the appearance of the website and the information provided, which of the following best applies to how you feel?

The website tells a lot about the company

The information provided is very scanty

I find it very hard loading the webpage

You find it very easy interacting with friends via social networks linked to the site

There are various routes to getting to certain webpages without getting back to start page

Strongly disagree Disagree Indifferent Agree Strongly agree

  1. What areas do you feel may need improvement in terms of improving usability of the site? Answer in not more than 15 words.