ALetter in Support of Fracking Permit

WorkAssignment: My Letter to the Governor of New York State in Support ofFracking and New Permits to Our Local Farmers

WordCount: 638

TheHonorable Andrew M. Cuomo June 2015

Governorof New York State

NewYork State Capitol Building


Albany,New York 12224

DearHonorable Andrew,

Myname is John Kennedy, the chairman of Steuben County FarmersAssociation (SCFA). I am writing to you in connection with thefracking permits to our local farmers at the border of Western NewYork and Pennsylvania. Honorable Governor, your office took aninitiative to ban hydraulic fracturing in New York. As stated in(Dong, Guozhu &amp Jinyan Li, 15) “Allowing our local citizens tohave permits for fracking with limitation will be of little harm toour environment”. (Cui, et al., 4) “It is true that New York’sgovernment stand on hydraulic fracturing in New York has been in goodfaith to protect our environment.&quot Allowing our local citizensto have permits with regulations will be of advantage to our economyas well as we will raise the revenue that we get from our naturalresources. Besides, the natural gas at our border is a blessing toour country that we should make good use of it as our neighboringcountry.

Mypersonal concern is that as much as our farmers are not allowed toextract the natural gas at the frontier, our neighboring countryallows their citizens. Their citizens are benefitting from theresources at the expense of our nation. It sounds like we are onlystopping our farmers from fracking permits because whatever is at theborder does not belong to our country. If we do not allow our peopleto mine the natural gas at the border, very soon the farmers from theneighboring will be mining in our country as we watch. There arepossibilities that the gas deposits lay deep in our country. Byallowing our people to get permits to fracking, we might realize thata better part of our country could be full of the gas deposits. Thegas deposits will be an advantage to your government as a new sourceof revenue.

Asstated in the Buffalo News, “fracking has led to economicdevelopment in four Pennsylvania counties, creating jobs and wealth”(Lesser, 320). Mr. Governor, I would like to bring to your attentiona case of our farmer at the border, one Mr. Vitale, who has anorganic farm. Mr. Vitale only depends on his farm while they operateon the same plot of land at the edge where there is a gas deposit.His organic farm is not doing that good. Mr. Vitale is bordered byJim Van Blarcom, from Pennsylvania, who has a sugar farm. In hisfarm, Jim Van Blarcom has nine gas wells and has expanded hisbusiness fivefold since 2009. Mr. Vitale, our farmer, now liveswatching his friend benefit from the natural gas deposits in theirfarm just because he is a loyal citizen. Our farmer would be asdeveloped as the other farmer from our neighboring country.

Mr.Governor, in the Buffalo news, “federal labor statistics show thatwe lost 4,945 jobs in September of the year 2009 and September 2013”(Lesser, 319). The job reduction is as a result of expense blockingour people from extracting the gas at the border. In the same report,in Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier where there are the most frackedgas wells, “7,978 jobs have been created. 3,893 of these jobsattributes to fracking” (Lesser, 320). I, therefore, would requestyour office to allow our people to enjoy the benefits attached to thenatural gas at our borders.

Eventhough fracking has a damaging effect on our environment as itpollutes the air and ground water, operating with limitations will besignificant. I humbly request your office to give at least it atrial. I think we can benefit by permitting our citizens at theborder to franking.

Iappreciate your time very much, and I hope for your consideration inthis manner.





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