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ReflectionPaper on Britain

Iam a student aged 24 years and taking studies from East Lansing. Ihad the privilege to visit Britain in the year 2012 where I visitedPortsmouth. The primary purpose for taking this course is toaccomplish my study requirements. It is a compulsory requirement forthe institution to grade and certify me. However, for long I have hadbeen so much interested in understanding the history of Britain. Iaspire to personally establish the development [processes thatBritain has undergone to record its current achievements. The mostappealing thing about Britain before me is the unique weatherconditions. I like Britain as well due to its people who arewelcoming and a great inspiration to the world. From their character,I have developed the impression that Britain is made up of geniuspeople who serves as the motivation to steer others towards success.

TheBritish Empire has held a stronger influence and greatness in theeyes of the universe (Altman, Fellowes, Doyle, and Balaban 23).One cannot therefore hold back the urge to understand the stages andtactics used by the rulers to achieve this success. From thisperspective, one can develop an impression that British are thecountry with great leaders who have decisions that influence thewhole world. The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I hear orthink about Britain is the empire. This has made me develop the urgeto understand what an empire is and how to develop a strong andsuccessful empire. I do feel that it is from Britain that the art ofrulers originated, and any leader who can interact with leaders fromBritain is the best leader in their respective country.

Ido consider British citizens to be the most serious and carefulindividuals on the European continent. They are responsible and thismakes them perform their tasks effectively. They target to accomplishtheir goals first according to the sequence set basing on thepriorities. British people are normally vigilant taking care toensure that they are not failing in whatever they do. I do as wellthink that they are much cautious to ensure they consider safety forthemselves and other people before implementing a certain aspect. Ideveloped the impressions above after hearing a series of storiesabout Britain. The stories have always presented Britain as a countryof success a fact that no person can overcome to accept. The storiescome from people around movies, the even published documents and me.Some documents do not necessary come from British authors but theycome from countries that had the experience of British leadership.This was specifically during the world colonial period where the actsof the British citizens at that time interacted with different peopleacross the world. Most of the stories are based on the colonialleadership that was installed by the British leadership. There areclaims that they were the most organized and efficient colonialgovernment in the world (Bennett, Richardson, Sting, John, and Gaynor54).

Thematerials provided for class study have helped me understand betterBritain. There has additional knowledge to what I already had andsome slight interrogatory aspects about what I knew first. Forexample, now I do consider Britain a nation that has advanced interms of technology (Ishiguro and Prebble 12).It is as well clear that British people are also just like any otherpeople in any part of the world. Some of the traits depicted amongthe British people are also evident in other people across the world.For example, British people like any other person are romanceoriented. The film four weddings at the funerals is a clear indicatorthat they can also be carried away by love like any other person. Itpresents people who fall in love and forget that they are mourning afriend. They are lost to their senses and demand for wedding to takeplace despite the fact that they are supposed to attend the funeral.The lavender hill mob another comedy movie is an indicator thatBritish people are jovial. It presents the fact that British citizensalso do have fun. Despite the fact that they are focused on theirduties, they also do set aside time for fun and refreshment. From themovies, it is evident that there are people who like partyingespecially night parties. They do organize dinner parties where theyhave a chance to share important elements and discussions that helpthem develop their agendas for success.

Itwill be as well true to declare that they are faced with problems anddifficulties too. The movie Italianjobspresent some elements of robbery. This depicts the negative side ofany society and to me it alters my perception of the Britishcitizens. I had initially developed a believe system that all Britishpeople are wealth and thus they did not need to steal from oneanother. However, now I understand that they have disparities inwealth distribution. Jobs in Britain seem to be a problem just likein any other part of the world. In the film, the remains of the dayMiss Kenton a former employed person losses her job and decides tosettle on housekeeping to enable her earn a living. From this samefilm, it is presented that she is a divorcee. This is an indicatorthat British citizens also do have marriage problems. Some of theseproblems are just too much to handle until the couple resolves todivorce. Not all Britain people are as social as I thought aspresented in the film four weddings. It follows that one can be gooin a certain aspect of life but fail other elements.

Forthe leadership position, there are some questions that I havedeveloped after going through the film the remains of the day. Irealize that Britain people can also be bad leaders due to the factthat they some of them are susceptible to corruption (Vialli andMarcotti 76).A senior government official i.e. prime minister is bribed to allowan unauthorized person advocate for the oppression Germany citizens.This is a sign of discrimination an element that I thought is notpresent among the British people. It is an indicator that they dohold grudges and they victimize innocent people as well. They ask fordismissal of jobs basing on the past historical events that thevictims at the time do not even have an idea about.

Inconclusion, I have now come to understand that Britain is just likeany other country in the world. The benefits, challenges, andproblems that other countries experience are the same that Britishpeople experience.


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