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Samsungvs. Apple

WhetherApple or Samsung is a better brand is more of a personal call. Manypeople tend to buy devices based on physical appearance while otherwill tend to look at the features. Apple and Samsung are consideredthe greatest manufacturers of electronics and they have been inexistence for decades. Additionally, they have the biggest rivalry ofall time. The two companies are renowned for the manufacture of abroad range of electronics like laptops, phones, and tablets. Everyyear, these companies come up with innovations, especially in theirsmartphones. This is a move that has increased their phone sales.However, in the modern market where there is heightened competition,each of these companies is trying to outdo the other. This raises thedebate on which is better between Samsung and Apple.

Whenit launched its iPhone, Apple created a boom in the smartphoneindustry. This phone has advanced features at the time it waslaunched. The company capitalized on this phone and made enormousprofits. It is the iPhone that made Apple a household name. However,with the throat cutting competition and the coming up of Samsung, thesuccess of Apple did not last long. Samsung hit the market with itsSamsung Galaxy S smartphone that had features that were almostsimilar to those of iPhone, and this saw Samsung smartphones’popularity rise slowly but steadily. Over time, there have been manyadvanced versions of Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone smartphones andthe companies have always competed to surpass each other. It is goodto note that both companies have been guilty of copying technologiesused in the manufacture of their smartphones. This is something thathas seen them file lawsuits against each other.

Interms of differences, the two companies differ in terms of size ofsmartphones they make. Size is very vital for mobile phones,especially when it comes to portability. In terms of size, Apple hasa new idea of making their phones longer but thinner and not wide.This is a great innovation that saw the company make a phone thatcould fit perfectly in the hands of customers. Their smartphones areportable and light in weight. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxys3 was 4.8 inch and many people, then, found it to be a big phone.However, this phone had an advantage in that it could allow peoplewatch music, play movies and browse the internet easily. This meansthat in terms of portability, Apple phones are more portable ascompared to Samsung phones.

Anotherprime difference is technology-wise. Both Samsung and Apple have nomuch difference in terms of megapixels of their cameras. Similaritiesare also in the processing speed but then Samsung smartphones have afaster time as compared to Apple ones. Nevertheless, similarityexists in that both phones have a voice recognition system. It isknown as “Siri” by Apple customers and “S-voice” by customersof Samsung. Another difference is that Samsung phones have anallowance for micro SD while the Apple ones do not have. For Samsungphones, it is very easy to import and export music and movies fromcomputers while, for Apple phones, one has to use the iTunes store.To sum it up, there are some differences and similarities betweenApple and Samsung. Whatever brand that one goes for is a personalchoice.