Symptoms and effects of depression

Symptomsand effects of depression


Symptomsand Effects of Depression

Depressionrefers a condition that is characterized by feelings of emptiness,worthlessness, and guilt. A depressed person will have an overallloss in motivation and enjoyment, especially in activities theyenjoyed in the past. Also, people suffering from depression showsigns of insomnia and loss of appetite, something that leads tofatigue and loss of energy. Persistent physical sickness without anyreason is another symptom of depression. Owed to the fact that thereare many symptoms of depression, there are some drugs that can beused to address this medical problem. Some of the non-medicalsolutions include talk therapy, lifestyle changes, electroconvulsivetherapy, and herbal remedies. People who are the stage of depressionhave lost energy and motivation to carry out daily activities (Rief,Martin, Klaiberg, &amp Brähler, 2005).

Accordingto Rief et al., (2005) depression in women is double as compared tomen. One thing that contributes to this situation is the hormonaldifferences. In this case, factors like pregnancy, menstrual cyclechanges, and abortion are the main contributors to depression. Manywomen are depressed due to the pressure of combining family care andwork. Single mothers are also likely to experience depression.Although women experience higher depression rates, men are vulnerableto commit suicide more as compared to women. Women are likely toshare their problems while men keep their problem bottled inside thembecause society has not given them permission to express when theyfee. Although people from all age groups are at risk of beingdepressed, teenagers are most affected. This is because of peerpressure and the changes they experience while undergoing adolescenttransition.

Oneof the common effects of depression is suicide among the victims.Many people who are not able to handle this order ends up committingsuicide because they feel out of place and rejected. Victims ofdepression tend to feel neglected and not having a place in thesociety. This makes them take their life to avoid facing the problemsof this world. In terms of economy, depression costs America billionsof dollars in a year. This disease is among the common ailments thataffect society. Depression alone can cause anxiety disorders,sadness, and insomnia. Nevertheless, there is no big organizationthat has come out to deal with it. For people who are depressed,there is need to have them undergo psychological processes likecounseling so that they live a healthy life.

Amongteenagers, depression has led to alcoholism. This is a severesickness that may destroy an individual psychologically, physically,and morally. To a large extent, it can affect those who are close tothe teenagers affected by alcohol. Nowadays, there are many youthswho abuse drugs with the aim of keeping off stress. Many of thispeople think that by abusing these drugs, they will lead a real life,but the reality is that this makes the situation worse. For thisreason, there is need to educate people about this social problem andhave them use sober means to solve the same (Rief et al., 2005).

Inshort, depression is caused by many factors like frustration,loneliness, and loss of loved ones. This medical condition can affectanyone. This is a critical medical state that could affect feelings,thought and the ability to carry out daily activities. Other effectsof this medical condition are sadness, empty mood, and anxiety. Toaddress this problem, psychological therapies for depression shouldbe used.


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