Systematic Review Based on Nursing Research

Systematic ReviewBased on Nursing Research

Systematicreviews not only are literature reviews, but also are tools thatenable researchers to conduct an objective assessment ofevidence-based primary research particularly specific treatments orinterventions outcomes. This paper focuses on a systematic review onnurse “teacher hood” research studies. The concept focuses ontasks, different multidimensional roles, and individual experiencesof nursing research.

Sincesystematic review demands a lot of time, sufficient amount of timeshould be allocated. This is because of exhaustive literatureresearch and retrieval of articles for research. Systematic reviewfor nurse “teacher hood” took the entire year to complete. Thisis because it demanded a lot of literature and due diligence, andpatience in finding relevant articles. Additionally, analysis of theentire material and its extensive research took more than six monthsfor completion. The results collected were then tabulated forcondensed presentation, which also involved the researcher, year ofpublication, and country.

Theuse of tables ensured that primary studies compiled by theresearchers divided the studies into three main thematic categories:Nurse “teacher hood” expansion, nurse “teacher hood” skillsand development, and nurse “teacher hood” membership of thecommunity. Each of the three was categorized accordingly into onlythematic category. The entire analysis was then carried out by use ofcontent analysis. This was done by first condensing the unitsformulated through expressions, which described the contents.

In conclusion, presentation of results is done as conclusions,results analysis or synthesis. Conclusions are a representation ofprimary studies to be of different themes or categories. In theexample provided, results are presented to be a synthesis since theresults involve topics of nursing “teacher hood” studies. Tovalidate this systematic review, gathering and analysis ofinformation is view as a demanding task.


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