Teaching Procedures


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  1. Teaching procedures

  1. Warm-up: in the video, the teacher starts by getting the kids in the mood of learning. Before getting into learning of the day, the teacher involves them in out-of topic activities such as making statements and letting them repeat after her. They then get down to singing, which helps keep them active so that they do not get bored.

  2. Presentation and practice: the teacher bases the presentation on the various items already known to the kids for easy remembering. She uses flip charts and boards to help as teaching aids. She has short breaks of singing and moving body to ensure continued attentiveness.

  3. Production and wrap-up: the teacher manages to introduce an item and wrap it up in such a manner that the pupils are able to understand.

  4. Follow-up: as a follow-up, the teacher asks the kids to repeat after her and asks questions regarding what they just learned. In addition, the singing of what they have learnt is very handy in ensuring they do not forget what they just learnt in a short period.

  1. My reflection

Thisis a very good approach to teaching kids, especially at the earlyages. The singing really gets the kids captivated to the lesson andensures maximum attention. This is very practical and is very muchrelated to the days I was at the same level we loved the singing anddancing sessions a lot.

  1. Advantage

Thisapproach to teaching the young kids is very successful as it ensuresmaximum attention from them, and even understanding. The constantsinging between various sections helps ensure the kids remainattentive the entire time. The attentiveness of the kids is veryevident as there is not any one of them sleeping, or doing otherstuffs.

  1. Suggestion

Perhaps,she could involve the kids even more by getting them in individualquestion answer session, whereby she shoots questions and lets themraise their hands. Individual participation is quite effective inencouraging the kids to compete.

  1. Conclusion

Generally,this approach to teaching is quite successful, and may need just afew elements added to make it even more successful. However, it isstill very successful.