Thispaper studies the nature of technological innovation in definiteengineering disciplines, ecological effects of technology, principledaspects in question and security aspects involved in the skill. Theintent of the paper is to make known some of the engineeringdisciplines that exist on the planet together with their nature ofadvancement. The paper further studies the impact of technology tothe ecosystem, the expectations of the society in relation totechnology and lastly the protection actions involved in handlingsuch technologies.

Forthe last few decades, technology has been on use for almost all theactivities that people engage. Such technology has been advancingover time due to new discoveries and improvement of the initialtechnology. Technology is the appliance of scientific facts to findthe underlying cause of practical issues especially in commerce andindustries. Previous research outcome indicates that, there exist astrong relationship between the society and technology as the societydepends on technology. For instance, the society highly depends onadvanced technology in conversing information by use of media. Thesociety also depends on technology in installation of energymachines, and business operations. Increased levels of technology hasnecessitated easy and faster accomplishment of activities in thesociety hence the concrete relationship between technology and thesociety. To maintain a favorable relationship between the society andtechnology, engineering professionals must guarantee harmless deliverof technology to the public. Hence the research paper reports thenature of technological innovation in specific engineeringdiscipline, ecological impact of technology, principled aspectsconcerned and security aspects involved in technology.

Engineeringin simple terms is the art of implementing systematic and exactprinciples, opinion, skill, and common sense. Engineeringprofessional apply their skills to help design programming systems,make transport infrastructure, and computer among others that thesociety make use of in most of the operations. In addition,engineering professionals deals with technical systems that meetprecise wants, which profit the entire public. As much as we embracetechnology, it has some negative impact to the environment if theengineering professionals do not deliver it safely. Hence, theengineers have a vital role to ensure that their engineering actionsare not dangerous to the humanity.

Obligationsof the engineering professionals in distributing technology to thecommunity

Masteryof their engineering activities

Engineeringprofessionals have a duty to understand the actual activities withintheir professional for them to deliver their actions safely. Byunderstanding the actual activities, they need not to rely entirelyon the figures, programs, and systems provided by computerprogrammers but instead go to the actual field and come up withbetter and exact figures. There is a possibility that the figuresprovided by programmers have some error, which in return might costthe engineers if they do not realize such error.

Responsibleand accountability

Itis the duty of the engineers to act responsibly and take intoaccounts the desires and interest of the society. Whateverengineering activities they undertake they should ensure that, it isfriendlily to the environment. They need to be accountable for anyactions that they act, which are against the standard act.Professional engineers have a duty to come up with skills thatfacilitate easy tackling of intricate questions and predicament.


Itis the obligation of the engineers to ensure that the technology theycome up with is relevant to the activities and expectations of thecurrent generation. For instance, currently in the field of commercethere is need for advanced accounting, marketing, and informationsharing to mention. Computer engineers need to come up with relevantsystems that enable commerce industry to carry out its activitiesfaster to optimize resources invested in the sector. Hence, they havea duty to internalize new developments in technology that will dealwith the current issues.

Natureof technological advancement in certain engineering discipline

Earlyfindings conclude that the engineering field is a broad field withvarious disciplines. Further, the findings indicate that, eachdiscipline has its own nature of technological advancement. The tablebelow explains certain engineering disciplines together with theirtechnological advancement.

Table1 engineering discipline: nature of technological advancement

Engineering discipline

Nature of technological advancement

Aeronautic engineer

Development of spacecraft that has necessitated access of oversees places.

Automobile engineering

Advancement of automobile machine, which has helped in improved transportation. Currently in automobile industry, there are electronic trains among other advancements.

Electronic engineer

Advancement of electronic devices that has improved communication system

Computer/system engineering

Advancement in programming and networking like use of fibre has enabled easy sharing of information.

Environmentalimpact of technology

Thereis series of questions that arises when talking about environmentalimpact of technology. For instance, questions like how to disposewaste products that are a result of technology, what happens to thewild animals and forests whenever engineering projects are on siteare among the questions that need settlement. Initial studies revealthat there are various types of environmental impacts, which areassociated with technology. However, this research paper preciselydescribes three types of impacts namely Global environmental impact,local natural environmental impact and non-renewable resourcesimpact.

Impacton non-renewable resources

Technologyuses non-renewable resources like the minerals more than they arereplaced. Such practice has a negative blow, as in future the societywill run deficit of such resources since they cannot be renewed. Inaddition, technologies like that of building power plants,industries, and waste sites demand for large piece of land. Landbeing a non-renewable resource indicates that in future there will beno land. As if not enough depletion of flora and fauna in expense oftechnology is a major challenge to the environment.

Globalenvironmental impact

Researchfindings indicate that technological actions have a great impact onglobal warming. The reports further indicate that more than 50% ofthe factors that contributes to global warming are emission ofdangerous gases that are due to technology. Hence, this type ofenvironmental impact is associated with emission of gases to theenvironment that in return interferes with the ozone layers. Gaseslike nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide discharged from the greenhousesadd to the global warming, which is a major negative crash to theatmosphere. Other technological behavior like clearance of vegetationand soil dilapidation activities affects the effectiveness of carbonabsorption.

Impacton local natural environment

Thisparticular type of environmental impact, emphasizes on the effect oftechnology to living things, their habitants, natural ecosystems, andbiodiversity at large. Land clearance for the purpose of technologyinstallation leads to loss of habitants for animals as well asendangering rare species of trees and forcing animals to migrate.

Ethicalaspects of technology

Thissection deals with issues that the society regards or expects becauseof technology. There are different religions, cultures and believesthat different societies preserve. They adore what they believe on,so much and their expectations are that even with technology nothingshould change. Some of the ethical aspects of technology include

Relevanceand accommodative

Thesociety expects the new skills to be relevant to the current issues.Such technology need to solve the current issues that the societyface. Additionally, as technology advances, it is important toconsider other places with weak institutional support.


Securityis major issue that technology tries to address. Individual desireshigh level of secrecy in safeguarding their information among otherthings. Hence, the expertise of coming up with strong passwords,trackers and other safety measures is among the ethical aspects thatare associated with technology.

Compatibilityof technology to the community

Evenwith technology ethical issues like that of human labor should bemaintain. Emergence of technology should not deprive people their jobopportunities instead improve their skills and work force.

Safetyaspect involved

Thispart explains the safety characteristics involved in technology.Protection features are paramount in technology especially whentransferring such technologies to different places. Such protectionfeatures comprises of

1.Operating measures

2.Instruction necessities

3.Make use of design principles

4. Protecting against variations by captivating actions like processwrapping temperatures, pressures, and chemical reactions, among otherdeviations.


Technologyexists and the society employs it in most of its activities. Despitethe fact that it has some negative impact to the environment, thesociety has no option but instead must comply with that. The onlyremedy for some negative issues associated with technology is forengineering professionals to act responsibly, and be accountable fortheir professional actions. In addition, whenever undertaking anytechnical issues, it is important for both the engineers and thesociety to take protection measures.


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