Teenage Sex for Sale

TeenageSex for Sale

Inseveral instances, girls and boys are abused at teenage or adolescentbut they remain silent. It is known that such practices though occurin the society today, they often go unnoticed (Malarek24). Such isthe case of the film, , a practice that wasunmasked by Panorama investigation. They uncovered how youngadolescent girls are being misused and turned-out to be prostitutes.In Britain streets, this is done to girls as young as 12, Janeexplains to them. First, the gang targets them, this develops toadolescent relationships that result to fun, and with time, they areabused, forced to use drugs and finally turned to prostitutes. Themethod of allusion that the gang uses is eminent worldwide and usedon teens as most teens grow up yearning to have the goodies of life(Reichert and Jacqueline 13). This behavior usually makes them lustand this lust lands them in prostitution.

Girlsin the streets prefer boys of an older age. They say that it is fun,and they think of their partners to be experienced. Jane narratesthat, to them, that is, the younger girls in their community, havingolder boys was much interesting, this is because they gave them allthey wanted.

Janedid not realize that all that she had been receiving from her boywill never go unpaid. Step by step, she was endorsed to prostitution.It started by chilling out in expensive cafes, buying of cigarettesand one bizarre day she was joined with her boys` friends whomabused and raped her.

Itwill not cost Jane much to share her sorrows with her parents. Shewas forced not to reveal anything to her parents. She thought thatthis secret would secure her family. Many youths at times keep thesecret of having unprotected sex and drug dealings, a trait thataffects their livelihood, such a scenario is eminent in Jane (Rosenand Sudhir 421). Jane cannot defend herself, and she knows that sheis being tormented, and she is more exposed to Sexually TransmittedInfections.

Addictionhas several effects on individuals and Jane apparently suffers fromaddiction. Jane is finally turned to an object that the boys earntheir money through. She is a drug addict who has pilled lots ofdebts. Her final option is to be a prostitute so that the boys canuse her money to pay the debts.


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