The 10 New DealPrograms

TheGreat Depression became the most significant and largest economicdepression to have affected not only the United States, but also theentire world. In 1929, Stock Market Crash is known to be the start ofthe Great Depression. Then, Herbert Hoover was the President,however changes were experienced when Franklin Roosevelt was electedin 1933 as the president of the United States. He worked towardscreating a number of programs through the inception of the New deal,which was meant to assist those affected greatly by the Depression.1The paper therefore examines the ten New Deal programs and itsfunctions.

CCC(Civilians Conservation Corps) was established in 1933 by then thePresident Franklin Roosevelt. The program was meant to tackle theissue of unemployment. Fortunately, had the desired effect, whichthen provided a lot of jobs for most of the Native Americans at thetime of the Depression.2It was also responsible for constructing numerous public works, withtrails and structures in parks.

CWA(Civil Works Administration) was established in 1933. It was meant tocreate job opportunities for the unemployed. It also focused more onhigh paying jobs, especially in the construction sites.3It thus resulted in a lot of expenses and debts to the Federalgovernment that it had originally been anticipated. CWA was abolishedin 1934 majorly due to the opposition of its entire costs.

FHA(Federal Housing Administration) was then the government agency,which had been created to solve housing crisis during the GreatDepression. The large rate of unemployment combined with bankingcrisis, helped create a kind of situation whereby banks could recallloans.4The FHA was then designed to control mortgages and the conditions ofhousing.

FSA(Federal Security Agency) was then a government agency established in1939 by Franklin Roosevelt. The Federal Security Agency wasestablished with the sole responsibility of handling several otherimportant governmental entities.5The agency, until it was abolished towards the end of 1953, its otherfunctions were to administer social security drug and food safety,and funding of education.

HOLC(Home Owner’s Loan Corporation) was established in 1933, to help inrefinancing of the homes. The crisis had created a lot of foreclosesand the President then, Franklin Roosevelt, had hoped that this newagency would help stem the tide.6As a matter of fact, between 1933 and 1935, millions of people hadreceived loans through this agency, which helped save their homes.

NRA(National Recovery Act) was created to develop interests of theworking class Native Americans and businesses together.7Through the government intervention and hearings, it idea was tobalance all the needs of the economy involved. However, the act wasthen declared to be unconstitutional during the ruling of the USversus Schechter Poultry Corp Supreme Court Case.

PWA(Public Works Administration) was then a program that was created toissue economic stimulus and create jobs during the Depression. PWAwas established to come up with public works and it went on until theUnited States ramped up the World War II wartime production.8It came to an end in 1941.

SSA(Social Security Act) was established to deal with the widespreadinstances of poverty among the senior citizens. The program providedcontinuous income to the retired earners.9Additionally, it turns out to be one among the most popular programsat the time, and was it was funded by the current then employers andwage earners.

TVA(Tennessee Valley Authority) was created in 1933. It was meant todevelop the Tennessee Valley’s economy, which at the time, had beenhit hard by infamous Great Depression. TVA was and is still owned bythe Federal as a corporation, which is still active until this date.10It is now considered as the largest provider of public electricity inthe United States.

WPA(Works Progress Administration) was established in 1935. Being thelargest The New Deal agency, WPA then, impacted millions of theNative Americans. It again provided job opportunities across America.Due to it, a number of the roads and other infrastructures, includingbuildings, were completed.11In 1939, it was renamed as the Works Projects Administration. It wasterminated in 1943.


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