The 5 Best Toys of All Time

The5 Best Toys of All Time

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The 5 Best Toys of all Time

Toys form afundamental part of childhood since they help children to developtheir mental faculties. In this regard, many parents have gone togreat lengths to provide their children with expensive andcomplicated toys. In his article &quot,&quotJonathan Liu explores the effectiveness of cheaper and readilyavailable toys. Liu bases his views on the fact that children areprimarily simple-minded yet creative (Liu, 2011). Therefore, they canmake use of the least formidable items so as to create useful toys.

Liu uses five keyfactors are criteria in his evaluation of the best toys of all time.The first factor pertains to availability. A great toy would be onethat is readily available for children. For instance, dirt is easilyfound in most places. Sticks can also be obtained on trees and otherforms of vegetation. Boxes and strings are other toys that are quiteeasy to locate. The second factor concerns the cost. Toys that arecheaply found can be used by children from different backgrounds(Liu, 2011). Dirt and sticks cost virtually nothing since they arenaturally-occurring. Strings and boxes are also cost-effective sincethey are obtained from pre-existing substances.

The flexibilityof a toy also renders it indispensable. For example, strings can notonly be used to tie different things together, but also used inconjunction with other substances to create unique items. Liumentions how a simple string could tie two cans together so as tosimulate a telephone. Additionally, boxes occur in various sizes thatmake them multi-purpose. An excellent toy would also need to bedurable so that it can be used for longer. Strong sticks and boxesare particularly durable (Liu, 2011). Safety forms the last criteriafor evaluation. While strings can be a strangulation hazard, childrencan still use them in a relatively safe manner. The best toys wouldpose the least risk to children.


As discussed, thebest toys of all time would encompass those that are easilyavailable, durable, cost-effective, flexible, and safe to use.Applying such criteria would help in the evaluation of toys forchildren.


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