The Boarding House

TheBoarding House

TheBoarding House

Iwas interested in the short story “” because itvery interesting and leaves the reader with a lot of suspense. Itleaves the reader yearning to read the next chapter to know what willhappen next. In the case where Mrs. Mooney separates from her abusivehusband, the reader wonders how her life will be after making thebold move to divorce her husband and move with her daughter Polly andJack her son. Drama in the article keeps the reader entertained likein the instance where the Mr. Doran leaves Polly on the bed moaning“oh my God.” Moreover, Polly’s life is full of drama, herdancing and singing in the boarding house entertains the men makesreading the article fun.

Themajor theme in the story is the subject of social expectation, whichis presented by the major characters that is Mrs. Mooney and herdaughter Polly. Polly falls in love with Mr. Doran and they get intoa relationship. The people around me expect several things bothcareer wise and in my education. I have to live by the expectationsin order not to embarrass myself and those around me. In my personalexperience, at times I make mistakes and do things that cannot pleasemy bosses but the short story has taught me the importance ofamending my life and living by the social expectations.

Thereare plenty of lessons from the article as presented in the differentthemes. Mrs. Mooney is a very bold woman who knows her place in thesociety and goes out her way to make her decisions. From this, Ilearn to be decisive in my job as well as in my personal life toimprove my life and add value to my career. Moreover, I should havegood role models in my career the same way Mrs. Mooney looked up toher dad and set up a butcher shop. Though life was not easy, Mrs.Mooney stood tall and brought her life together again. In my personalexperience, dreams are shuttered sometimes and life discourages onebut just as Mrs. Mooney, I should be bold enough to overcomechallenges.

Mrs.Mooney’s business becomes a success as he hosts Dublin travelers,middle managers and merchants who enjoy her hospitality. She earns alot of respect and is referred to as themadamby the young men who reside at the house. Polly makes the businesseven better as she entertains the male guests who enjoy watching herdance. Her mum allows it because it makes her earn more money and itmakes her more successful. Therefore, I learn to make good use ofopportunities to improve my education and job.

Ido not agree with the immorality as presented in the case of Pollywhere she dances “I’m naughty” to entertain the guests in thehouse (Joyce, 2014). This goes beyond entertainment to having sexwith Mr. Doran who works for a catholic wine-merchant. Mr. Doranhaving an affair with Polly was an illegal thing because Mr. Doranwas connected to the Catholic Church and if the priest found out, hewould lose his job. However, I agree with idea that Mrs. Mooney madethe decision that Mr. Doran should marry her daughter Polly in orderto discontinue the relationship between the two. I also disagree withthe way jack Mrs. Mooney’s son idles around and entertains hisfriends in the boarding house instead of working to help his mother.

Thework was not challenging at all because it had a good flow and ideaswere organized in good manner. The language was interesting andbeautiful for the author used simple and understandable language.Therefore, I can re-read the work as many times as possible forfantasy and to learn more lessons. I will also advise my friend toread the work to learn and get entertained.


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