The Case of Helen

TheCase of Helen


Themajority of this session involves chair dialog. What was the goal ofchair dialog in the case of Helen? How effective do you believe thistechnique was?

Fritzand Laura Perls invented the chair dialogue treatment approach, whichstresses on an individual’s adjustment depending on their presentsituation just like the gestalt theory. The psychotherapy layemphasis on one’s social context, therapist-client association,personal responsibility and specific adjustments that people make toovercome given challenges (Jones &amp Butman, 2011). In the case ofHelen, it has been used to help the client understand her lifestylesituation. Besides, it targets to help her comprehend her suppressedfeelings and thoughts towards others. On the same note, the therapyapproach assists to flush out vaguely recognizable internal conflictsthat substantially affect Helen’s healthy functioning (Murdock,2013).

Thegoals of chair dialogue in the case of Helen

Oneof the objectives of the therapy is assisting the client to overcomeunsolved heartache as well as incomplete disputes with people orsituations that Helen has already overcome. For example, she is stillfurious with her husband’s irresponsible behavior of gambling awayall the money they had saved to purchase a new house (Jones &ampButman, 2011). In addition, the treatment will her overcome the furythat she holds against her husband because he has never shownfeelings of regret despite that she supported him throughout theperiod he sought treatment and a new job.

Thesecond goal is helping Helen to overcome the internal disputes. Forexample, she lacks self-confidence because she has been unable toexplore her career fully. She feels vulnerable to failure when shepursues her career in arts despite that she won accolades of from herinstructors back in Yale University. The treatment will her believein herself as well as strive to excel in her career. She feelstrapped in the nursing profession such that she is ashamed to discusswith her former professor about her progress in the script writing(Murdock, 2013). Helen is on the verge of engaging in an affairbecause she feels that her husband is unsupportive and does notunderstand his ambition. However, the therapy will help to enhanceher personal responsibility and practice restrain against temptationsat different sub-self levels (Jones &amp Butman, 2011).

Finally,the therapy will prepare Helen to regain her self-confidence andinteract efficiently with her former professor. Besides, it will herto begin the script writing career once more as the treatment aims toprepare her to face her past fears that prevent her to pursue her artcareer. On the same note, she will be in a position to practicepersonal restraint such that she will not commit adultery with herformer professor who seems to understand her better than Steve. Theprofessor encourages her to start writing scripts because she wasgood at it, but Steve seems distant and unaware of Helen’sindecisiveness towards her profession.

Howeffective do you believe this technique was?

Inmy view, the treatment will be highly effective because it willencourage Helen to face up to her challenges. As such, it willincrease her self-confidence to the extent that she will be in aposition to meet with her former professor as well as pursue herscript-writing career. Presently, she feels discouraged and afraid toshare her challenges in life with the people who can help her succeedin the arts profession (Jones &amp Butman, 2011). However, thetherapy will boost her self-confidence as well as enhance herpersonal responsibility such that she will associate with people whocan help her acquire a new meaning in life without compromising hermoral values. For instance, she will be able to meet the professorand avoid sleeping with him despite Steve’s insensitivity to herneeds. Besides, the treatment will help her to open up to her husbandand forgive him (Murdock, 2013).


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