The Consequences of Drug Addiction


TheConsequences of Drug Addiction

TheConsequences of Drug Addiction

Themajority of the drug addicts could inject themselves using drugs asothers started by engaging themselves in a self-improvement programthat would favor their attractiveness for the television appearance.Nevertheless, when the method failed, an actor put herself on a crashdiet that made her experience certain withdrawal syndromes that ledto the use of specific drugs thus leading to addiction. The drugaddicts experience numerous side effects of using such illicit drugseven without recognizing that they are addicted. However, they claimhow they can be addicted when the doctor prescribes the dosage used.

Therewere several side effects associated with drug consumption asnarrated within the Requiem for a Dream movie, which includes amental disorder. A drug addict (Sarah), refuses to eat as well as tobe treated, but her psychosis condition significantly becomes worse.Within her unconscious, she gives full permission for doctors to puther on electro-shock theory an outcome of being a drug addict. Dueto drug addiction, Harry also goes through the great agony as one ofhis arms has completely turned black and gives off a foul odor.Nevertheless, it reached a point where the arm had to be cut off tosave his life.

Otherside effects include sex addiction where one of the characters in themovie indulges in various sex acts such as “ass to ass” withother women. Their drug addiction also led to the peer influencewhere Tyrone joined a drug gang assassination that finally leads himto jail because of addiction. Individuals’ health also become worseas friendship bond amongst them is detached. Just as the Streetmembers were considerably got addicted from the drugs they consumed,people who thought could not be drug addictive even from doctors’prescription also were addicted.