The Death Penalty Debate

TheDeath Penalty Debate

Thecontroversy surrounding the acceptability of death penalty is alwaysa current affair in the United States of America (Petersiliaand Reitz 4). My interest in the topic prompted to find platforms that discuss theissue and get the view of other people. Weekly challenge debate is alocal initiative that brings together individuals from variousbackgrounds to share ideas and debate where necessary. Although itdoes not contribute to the policy change, it sheds light on mattersof governance and law and people make sound decisions.

Iattended one of the forums that were purposive to discuss the placeof capital punishment in the United States. Due to the manyparticipants, not everyone got a chance to speak. At the back where isat, I could see the charged environment with both the proponents andthe opponents giving valid premises to support their cause.

Oneof the important points raised in support of capital punishmentinvolved the gravity of the crime committed. Many people felt thatsome crimes like murder and rape deserved the death sentence. Anotherimportant thing that many people supported was that the society wouldnot be peaceful with murders and drug dealers roaming the streetsafter having served their terms.

Thestern group of opponents, however, attacked the points by basingtheir argument on the value of an individual’s life. If the lawtakes the life of a person who commits murder, then it is notdifferent from the murderer. Secondly, the state contravenes theConstitution by participating in the termination of life whereas itshould protect it. The value of human dignity also dominated theforum and according to the opponents, the correction mandate of theprison loses value when a criminal’s life comes to an end (Meltsner5).

Ileft the forum a content man with the stand I had. None of the pointsraised altered my attitude towards the death penalty. I went to theforum as an opponent and left it being a stronger one.


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