The History of Apple Company

TheHistory of Apple Company

TheHistory of Apple Company


AppleCompany is an international company that manufactures phones,computers and electronics which was started in the 1970s.1Historians such as David Greelish wrote that Apple company is theleading company in the world and will keep leading. Jonathan PaulIves also wrote in 2010 that Apple sets the pace for other companies.Apple products are very interesting though they are a bit expensivecompared to other products in the market. This is factored by theunique innovations that are produced at the Apple Company’sgallery. In the recent years, the company has focused on internetbusiness models like the business to business e-commerce which isused to assist business persons operate their everyday business. Thishas made business more convenient as customers can easily settletheir bills and purchase goods easily. Drawing on Arthur Charles andCarlton Jim, I argue that, Apple is the most prolific company in theworld of computer technology due to its quality of products andunique innovations2.

A21 years old college dropout known as Steve Jobs is among the founderof Apple Company.3Apparently, he was living with his parents in their home in Los AltosCalifornia where he would hang out with his friends. His closefriends who were Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The three used tohang out with him in the garage to chit chat about current issues asnormal friends do. The three men who were had the same interest incomputers came up with apple computer in the year 1976. However, itwas Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who took the apple company to theheights of greatness where it is presently. David Greenish due to hisobsession on apple products after he bought his first Mac said thathe was amazed by the weird machine as he told the Business InsiderMagazine. Jonathan Paul quoted “designing and developing anythingis not easy but the goal of Apple is to bring simplicity and calm tochallenges thus finding solutions.”

Itis believed that Apple Company is successful because of the way thecompany is committed to its work. The company makes products thatmake people enjoy life because of the fun they get from the beautifulgadgets from the company. Secondly, the company has been able tocreate multiple products that suit different people’s needs such asthe office people, people at leisure as well as kids4.Thirdly the company has the best marketing skill any company shouldemulate. When it comes to marketing, the company has the best skillsbecause their communication skills are up to standard5.Moreover, the company is able to reach people easily because theymake products which people love and yean for better products.

Thereare several shocking facts about Apple Company that have continued toamaze people up to date. First, the huge amount of salary that TimCooks received which was 602,631,000% higher than that of Steve Jobswho was the CEO then. Tim cooks was the executive vice presidentdealing with operations and worldwide sales thus he was the secondfrom Steve jobs who was the CEO. It is amazing that a junior of theCEO can receive a bigger salary than the CEO himself. The othershocking fact is the huge margins of profit the company made fromchina which was they never considered as a business hub previously.China was considered not a good place for apple to carry out itsoperations thus they never considered the country important until thehuge profit margins6.In fact, china came third after America and Europe though it was aclose third.

Moreover,in the year 2004, apple was able to invest in both cash and shortterm investments. The company was able to turn its sales into cash byand in the end increasing its profits by 42 percent. The company hasmaintained its increase of profit by 42 percent for the last decadewhich many companies are unable to maintain.7Apple company mainly relies on iPhone one of its major product forits profits and revenue. In the last financial year, the companyreceived a total of 56% of its profit from the product. However,tables were turned when the company’s leading profits came from thePowerBook one of its products which was introduced after Mac Book.

Theother shocking fact about the company is about its stock symbol whichis an apple. Apple was listed in the list of multiple exchanges inTokyo Japan by its stock name which is APPLE. This is a rare thing inmany companies but it happened in Apple Company which was also listedin the Frankfurt stock exchange as APPLE8.In addition, the stock price of the company stood high during the2004 fiscal year. The apple company is a unique company in many ways.


Applehas remains to be among the world’s leading companies because ofseveral reasons. People may wonder why the founders of Apple Companypreferred calling it apple and not any other name in the world. In1984, Wozniak one of the co-founders of apple came up with the namebecause he used to work in orchard.9Probably, the name just came to his mind due to his love for nature.The two founders admitted that they tried to come up with betternames but none o the names sounded better than apple. When it came tobusiness the two founders came up with their first brand which wasknown as apple 1.

Thedual built a computer which was worth 666.66 dollars though they wereselling it at a loss. They faced huge financial struggles which was ahuge set back to them10.When they tried to get a loan from a bank, they were turned downmaking them feel disappointed. However, a friend to Steve job’s dadhad offered him 5000 dollars as a donation, the money was barelyenough. Finally they were able to get from the financial quagmirewhen Jobs went to Cramer electronics and was able to convince themanager to lend those electronics.

AfterSteve jobs was able to convince the manger and he had already offeredhim the electronics they needed, the e dual embarked on theirunfinished business. Finally Jobs was able to embark on theproduction of computers in order to settle his bills and pay hisloan11.Steve jobs engaged his family in the business joining parts of thecomputer for testing. Once it was tested, Steve took the parts to hisworkshop but a lot more needed to be done in order to make sure acomputer was in place.

Tostart with, Steve did not have a keyboard or a television where datacould be displayed. Therefore, Steve needed to make a keyboard and amonitor to make sure that the computer was complete12.However, a lot more still needed to be done for the keyboard tofunction ones somebody typed in the data such as providing a basiclanguage for the keyboard. Finally, Steve jobs and Wozniak were ableto set a basic language for the computer thus it was ready tofunction. However, this did not solve the challenge because thecomputer did not start functioning immediately because it was nakedand it needed a casing to protect its inner parts.

Finally,the case was made and the first ever apple computer was made.However, this did not solve the challenge because they did not sellas many computers as they expected. It was also a challenge becauseonly a few persons could afford the apple 1 because it was a bitexpensive for the lower class. In addition, it was a quality machinetherefore its price had to be a bit high to suit its high quality.Therefore, only 200 machines were made because the demand was onlyfrom those who could afford.

Afterthe first innovation of Apple 1 in 1977 Apple 2 was created. However,Apple 2 was a little bit more advanced because it had a memory of 64Kand a more upgraded floppy disk of 5.25. This innovation was aftercreating a personal computer that could only be used by one person ata time. This innovation was best suited for business owners whoneeded Information Technology (IT) in their day to day endeavors13.This innovation paved way for the first computer application byApple.

Astudent from Harvard university school of business loved the Applecomputer and would regularly use the computer to play with numbers.However, he was not contented with the Apple 2 because he hadpreviously imagined that it can solve all his mathematics problemswithout any hustle. However, he went ahead to invent an applicationthat known as spread sheet. He noted that when using the left andright arrows the application was a bit sluggish thus he thoughtmoving the space bar vertically and horizontally was a bit faster.When this application was ready, it led to increase in the sales ofApple 214.

Spreadsheetled to massive sales of computers to business people who saw it fitfor them to run their businesses swiftly. In addition to the newinventions, color graphic was introduced to the apple 2. Thecomputers were supplied with low heat power that was placed in aplastic case that was lightweight. This made a lot of differencebecause it differentiated between Apple and the other computers15.Apple was the first to provide color graphics in the computerindustry. Therefore, this put Apple a notch higher than any othercompany making it to make more sales and in return increasing theirprofits. These innovations change the computer industry by farbecause the previous innovations were not as advanced as theinnovation by Apple16.

Inas much as the company has been slow in innovations, theirinnovations have been leaving people agape. However, lately theirmain focus has been on means to upgrade Apple 2. They haveestablished a research center known as Xerox PARC whereby they lookat new technologies and invent new applications such that they areable to keep up with the growing world of innovations.17It is true to say that Apple is the leading company when it comes totechnology and quality. This can be supported by the moderninnovations in iPhones and many more technologies.

AppleCompany has changed the world to in so many ways because it came tohelp the society and the world at large. The company has continued toinnovate more and more applications that are not only used incomputer s but also in smart phones, TVs, smart watches and many moreinnovations. This has made people happy all over the world and manyof the happy customers cannot wait for the next big innovation. Inany company, customer satisfaction is key and not even a singlecompany wishes to fail their customers. Achieving these is veryimportant for any company thus Apple is a great achiever in thecomputer and application business. Through Apple being able to createApp store just a year after it invented the iPhone, many lives havebeen changed18.It is through the app store that people are making money throughgames. People use their desktops to play games and others openbusinesses that are feeding their families. However, these games arevery addictive but on the other hand they are hugely profitable.

Throughits CEO Tim Cooks, the company has become very charitable. It hasbeen involved in many charity works19.The CEO reported that the company had donated more than 50 milliondollars to charity20.The money was donated to university hospitals to help them improvetheir facilities as well as improve their services to patients.Moreover, it is alleged that the company also donated 100 milliondollars as their 1 percent cash holding of the company. However,these charitable deeds have only been done in the tenure of Tim butnot during the tenure of Jobs. Tim has also increase the salary ofemployees in the places where the employees used to receive littlesalaries. Apparently, he implemented that immediately by increasingthe salaries of the employees of the hall where he announced thecharitable action.

Thecompany has embraced appreciating people’s differences as well asembracing their different beliefs. Tim cooks was the first ever CEOto announce that he is gay and happy about it21.Many companies that had considered taking action on gay personsreconsidered their move. This was factored by the fact that Apple isa big company in the world and has gay CEO. People learnt toappreciate the other people’s believes and actions.

Themusic industry has been in a crisis lately because of peopledownloading music illegally making the musicians suffer at the end22.However, Apple came up with an application that allowed people todownload music but at a fee. With the iTunes store found in iPods andiTunes. This has turned into a money making venture that has seenmany people make money through it. More so, it has helped peopledownload music even without a thought of it that is very simply.

Moreover,Apple is not a selfish company because it has gone a long way inhelping other companies in their commercials. Apple came up withApple Macintosh that makes high definition commercials making a hugedifference in the previous commercial and the present daycommercials. This has seen a big difference in terms of profits bybig TV stations that attract bigger audiences. Apple has not onlybeen in the front line to change ordinary people’s lives but it hasalso helped other big companies increase their profits23.


Beinga leading company in the world, it shakes the other companies when itcomes up with a new product. When it announced that it was going tocome up with an Apple watch, the other companies in the same fieldwere shaken by the announcement24.Several companies had come up with smart watches before but they weresure apple was going to come up with an invention that was going tochange the industry. However, the watch has not yet been launched butpeople are certain that the company will not disappoint because itsprevious innovations have been up to standard. When it comes to PRthe watch will rule the world as well as aesthetics. People all overthe world cannot wait for this big invention that will change thesmart watch industry25.

Finally,it is evident that the Apple Company has come a long way to where itis presently. It has changed the lives of people all over the worldwithout any discrimination. It has been a pace setter for othercompanies in the world. Due to its good innovations from thebeginning, the company has been able to make steps that change thetechnology industry.


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