The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

TheHonorable Andrew M. Cuomo

Governorof New York State

NewYork State Capitol Building


Albany,New York 12224

DearMr. Vitale,

Myname is John’s Dickens, a resident of the Pennsylvania, and I amwriting this for I have a great concern after reading an article thatwas published in&nbspThe Buffalo News&nbspin May 2015. Thereport addressed well of your land and company Vitale’s OrganicFarm in Steuben County, a rural area of western New York on theborder of Pennsylvania over the issue of hydraulic fracturing. Itbecame my great worry especially after realizing the kind offinancial hardship Mr. Vitale is going through. I first want to putmyself in Mr. Vitale`s shoes and explain this. I read of desperationthat Mr. Vitale has in preserving some small land for the cominggeneration. And by so doing he has decided to lease his land forhydraulic fracturing. I too have faced almost the same problem. I wasin a confused state of deciding between two situations that involvedselling my dairy company that was experiencing a reverse trend inprofit curve or expending extra capital on creating a new branchelsewhere to boost it at a risk. I well understand what Mr. Vitale isgoing through and respect your decision on leasing your land forfracturing on security grounds. I would like to take kindly thisopportunity to express some of my general concerns that oppose thedecision on leasing Mr. Vitale’s land. I hope that my worries willbe of importance to you.

Firstof all, my greatest worried is on the adverse impact that hydraulicfracturing has on the environment and the surrounding. From manyfacts that have been put forward and observed, there are severalrisks that arise from hydraulic fracturing. This is also made clearby the statement that was posted in The Buffalo News&nbspinMay of 2015, “Environmentalists contend that the damage fracturingdoes to the air and groundwater far outweighs any economic benefits”the citizens of the Pennsylvania are paying a lot of astronomicalprices for the already drilled wells[ CITATION Abo15 l 1033 ]. Thisas per the statistics are brought about by the contaminated waterthat has now surfaced in the areas around Butler county found on thewestern sides of the state and demock. They are also complaining ofthe air pollution as a result of the wells and the noise that comefrom the trucks and bad roads due to vehicles that follow trucks.Furthermore, some other article of the RT News that was publishedrecently discussed the tragic episode around Pennsylvania that forcedmore than eighteen families to be evacuated due to the contaminationof water that went beyond controlled measures by an extractioncompany This evacuation was termed as the River Dale Trailer Parkeviction[ CITATION Fug15 l 1033 ].

Additionally,there could also be water contamination in the neighboring regions.The sector`s development is prodded by the utilization of waterpowered breaking or fracturing in which frequently risky chemicalsare blended with extensive amounts of water (or other base liquid)and sand and infused into wells at to a great degree high weight.Offbeat advancement utilizing propelled fracturing strategiespostures dangers to water, air, land, and the soundness of groups.Studies have demonstrated perilous levels of harmful aircontamination close fracturing destinations, and oil and gasextraction have created exhaust cloud in provincial ranges at levelsmore awful than downtown Pennsylvania. Oil and gas creation have beenconnected to expanded danger of disease and conception surrenders inneighboring regions, and to a threat of expanded seismic action[ CITATION Fug15 l 1033 ].

Therefore,I would kindly request you as a friend and a student to reconsideryour desires concerning the long-term benefit that the people of thefuture generation might have based on your decision.

Thankyou in advance for the time you take to read this and for yourconsiderations.




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