The Idea of Progress and Change in the American Society

Student’sNameProfessor’sNameCourseDate TheIdea of Progress and Change in the American SocietyPhilosophicalproponents of the idea or the concept of progress assert that theconditions of human life have improved over time, and will continueto improve. In the light of the progress idea, the American societycan be said to have progressed over time since history. The idea ofprogress influenced the American society at all elements of life bychanging the thinking of the people to embrace the liberal domesticsociety and avoid the old ways (Westand&nbspSchambra1).Considering all the perspectives of life, it is rational to concludethat the United States society has progressed in all of them. This isbecause of the change in the status of life and the improvements thathave been recorded to Americans and to the nation as a whole.Theidea of progress started changing the social setup of Americansociety to involve social interactions that involve equality for all.Social inequality had influenced American society and interaction atall levels (Bury215).A good example is the discrimination against the minorities,especially the notorious racist discrimination againstAfrican-Americans. Over time, American society has learnt that allpeople are equal and that African-Americans are as equal as any otherrace (Bury215).This change was influenced by the idea of progress in the twentiethcentury and was marked by the passing of laws that ended racism.While racism still exists in the United States today, the few casesreported show the consequences of failure to embrace progress as theidea of change.Theidea of progress has slowly influenced the economic life of theAmerican society to lead to the development of stronger and robustAmerica. The idea of progress appeared to have influenced the periodof invention that was marked after the civil war and early in thenineteenth century (Bury24).For example, the inventions by the early industrialists like HenryFord and Thomas Edison seems to have been influenced by the need tointroduce progress in the social and economic setup. At the sametime, the development of industries like steel, fuel, motor,transport and communication industries was influenced by the need fora progressive society.Theprogressive society was seen in the changes that happened in thepolitical landscape in America due to the influence by the idea ofprogress. The changes in the laws and amendments to the constitutionwere based on the view that the American was meant to be a bettersociety. For instance, the changes brought about by the 17thAmendment to the United States constitution allowed the directelection of senators by the voters (McDaniel29).This was progressive as it gave people more power and influence overtheir leadership.Theidea of progress is best seen in the progressivism movement thatappeared in the United States in the late nineteenth century andspilled to the twentieth century. The progressivism movement was seenin the context of economic, political and cultural changes thatsought the development of the United States for a better society(Westand Schambra 1).In social setup, intellectuals sought for better interaction withequal opportunities for, at economic and cultural levels. Theeconomic developments led to the growth of the American economy andindustries that have since influenced the world. At the politicalscene, the idea of progress opened for more inclusive politicalenvironment and equal rights for all. This way, the idea of progressinfluenced American society at all levels towards gradual change. WorksCitedBury,John.TheIdea of Progress: An Inquiry Into its Origin and Growth.NewYork: CourierCorporation Publishing, 2014McDaniel,Jerry. Progressivism:A Philosophy of Evil.Illinois: Illinois ConservativeWest,Thomas, and&nbspSchambra,William. TheProgressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics.Web, Accessed, June 22,2015&lt