The impact memories

Theimpact memories

SinceI was five, my mother accompanied us at the lakeside at least twice amonth. As a child, I didn’t know the primary reason for thesevisits, and occasionally I knew we were just having fun while cuttingthe costs down. However, I looked forward to the trips because shewas ever kind and in a jovial mood. Besides, it was the only time shecould let us eat junk food we bought from the fast food outlets. Mostof the people at the fishing spot were adults and elderly couples.Occasionally, I also saw young couples making out, and I could nothelp to wonder if they lacked an alternative place they could spendtheir time. Nevertheless, the reality of the magical atmospheresuddenly dawned on me on my last visit with my mother – fishing isa mind calming recreational activity that allows one to focus onessential matters prior to making unreasonable decisions.

Afew weeks back, I came to know the critical reasons that mostly sendpeople to this place when I was a victim. In my previous term therewere many challenges that forced me to make decisions that I came toregret afterward. Also, I was bullied by my schoolmates, and it sawmy performance decline at the end of the term. I decided I would notget back to school once I got back at home to avoid furtherembarrassment and mocking at school. Luckily, my mother discovered mysullen mood and arranged a fishing trip to the usual fishingdestination the following day.

Wereached the rendezvous at half past six in the morning. The birdswere chirping harmonious rhymes while the trees seemed to whistle tothe tunes. The slight smell of the water and the cold sea breezeenhanced the serenity of the lake. I suddenly felt relaxed asmemories of the past began to flow back into my mind. I rememberedthe times I had spent with my siblings here and wished we could hangtogether once more just like in the past.

“Ican see you have a long story to tell since you joined college. Thequietness and paleness on your face tell me you have had a toughsemester son.” My mother initiated a conversation. Her eyes werestill fixed on the fishing rod.

“Oh!Yes…I mean no! The term was okay, but I missed you, mom and mysisters.” I stammered. The dialog found me off guard.

Forseveral hours, we exchanged hearty banter and discussed varioustopics ranging from politics, her childhood life experiences andcollege as well as her relationship with my father. She opened up tome that she often brought us at the fishing site so that she couldrelax and overcome stressful events at work and home.

Althoughthat was the last day my mother ever accompanied me to the lake on afishing expedition, I have returned to the site many times with myfriends. In some cases, I just sit at a good vantage that will giveme a wide view of the lake and let happy memories cascade through mybrains. Besides, I relate with the adults and senior citizensfishing, and we exchange fruitful ideas at this point. Unlike in thepast when I used to think that the adults fishing were brokemiddle-class trying to supplement their income, I now realize thatfishing with my family is a leisure activity that helps me to reasonas well as stay on track when I feel stressed. Probably, most adultsare fascinated with fishing as a family because they feel theconnection and the relaxed bond that exists. In particular, I owe mylife and my present self-esteem to the unforgettable fishingescapades I had when fishing with my family in my mother’s heydays.