The importance of internet

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Theimportance of internet

Theelectronic gadgets are increasingly becoming accessible to manypeople in the current digital age. These gadgets allow people toaccess and use the internet for business and personal activities.About 64 % of the people living in the developing countries believethat the internet is boosted education, 53 % hold that the internethas impacted personal relationships, and 52 % attribute the economicgrowth in the countries to the increase in the accessibility of theinternet (Pew Research Center 2). This confirms that the advancementof the internet has impacted human lives in different ways. Thispaper will address the importance and the impacts of the internet onbusiness and personal lives.

Theinternet is a versatile facility that has benefits in both theprofessional and personal life. The internet has made nearlyeverything to become available and accessible from any part of theworld. The importance of the internet to the businesses andindividual users of the modern technology includes the ease ofcommunication, information sharing, and image building. The discoveryof the internet opened different cheap and convenient channelsthrough which businesses can communicate with each other and withtheir clients. For example, the social media, Skype, email, internetconferencing are all supported by the internet (Comprehensive NetworkSolutions 1). The internet-based methods of communication allowreal-time sharing of information and they are cheaper and fastercompared to conventional methods, such as the ordinary mail.

Theimage of the company is among the key determinant of its success in acompetitive market. The internet has offered companies with asuitable platform for them to showcase their competitive products andbuild their image. The internet helps businesses to create a perfectweb existence, which enhances their image among the people who visitand read the content posted on their websites (CNS 1). Potentialcustomers are able to access the company’ brand information at alltime and from any place since the internet facilitate a full-timepresence of the company. Individual persons (such as the politiciansand artists) can build their image using the internet-basedplatforms.

Informationsharing is among the most important aspects of the internet in themodern world. Businesses and individual people can obtain and postinformation on different internet-based platforms for others toaccess. The websites and databases contain billions of records thatcan now be accessed from any part of the world and at nay time withthe help of the internet (CNS 1). Therefore, the internet has helpedcollect and record information more effectively.

Impactsof the internet

Humanproductivity and profitability of companies

Theinternet has improved human productivity by making it easy to shareinformation without the need to travel or move from one point to theother physically. For example, the cloud technology as allowedcompanies to store information in common databases from where usersfrom different branches can access that information withouttravelling to the company headquarters (Lemouse 3). The conveniencesand the ease of getting information that the companies and employeesneed within their work stations have improved their productivity. Inaddition, the increase in the internet connectivity has created avirtual world in which people can work from home. This means thatemployees can handle urgent orders placed by the client right fromtheir homes. In essence, the internet has increased efficiency indoing business, which has in turn increased the productivity andprofitability of enterprises.

Impactof the internet on education

Theinternet has become a significant learning tool for students at alllevels. Over the years, scholars have stored voluminous documents inthe educational databases that are currently serving as criticalresources for researchers. Researchers can access peer-reviewedarticles and other research materials from different parts of theworld with the help of the internet (Kedem 1). In addition, theinternet has created an opportunity for researcher at any level ofacademics to publish their scholarly works, which was practicallydifficult before the advent of the internet. The internet has alsoallowed the stakeholders to create virtual classes that haveintroduced a new method delivering the course content at theconvenient location of the educator and the learner. The internet hasincreased the accessibility of education, enhanced efficiency, andreduced the cost of conducting research.

Theestablishment of a networked society

Thedigital revolution, especially the internet, has allowed people tointeract and share their experiences globally. People are able toestablish strong friendships with people they have never seen before.This is because the internet has opened up the world and made it aglobal village where members of the society can meet and chat in realtime in spite of their geographical differences (Castells 1). Inaddition, people are able to use the social sites (such as theLinkedIn) that are supported by the internet to identify like mindedpeople with whom they care interact and share ideas and experiencesfreely. The expansion of the cyberspace through the increase in theinternet coverage has changed the way people relate by making thevirtual interactions more relevant than the real ones (Castells 1).

Negativeimpacts of the internet

Althoughthe internet has improved nearly all aspects of human life, it doesnot come without its equal share of the criticism. The internet hasbeen criticized for making it easy to conduct a crime. Research hasshown that cybercrimes increased at a rate of 113 % in 2014, whichwas consistent with the rapid increase in the internet connectivity(Systemic Corporation 2). With the help of the internetcybercriminals are able to steal the identity of the internet usersand use that information to steal money and sabotage theirbusinesses. In addition, the internet has affected the societynegatively by facilitating easy access of both the negative andpositive information. For example, the internet has made pornographicmovies and pictures accessible to children, which has in turncontributed towards moral decay in the contemporary society.Therefore, the internet is important, but it should be used with carein order to avoid losing the privacy and moral standards.


Theinternet is among the innovations that have impacted the business andthe lives of individual members of the society. The importance of theinternet is mainly derived from the facts that it facilitates easyand heap means of sharing information, communicating, and enhance theimage of the business or an individual person. The capacity to shareinformation and interact without physical movements, which isfacilitated by the internet, has increased the productivity ofemployees and profitability of the business enterprises. In addition,the internet allows scholars to conduct research easily because theycan access credible information that is posted from different partsof the world. However, care should be taken to reduce moral decaysand contain cybercrime that has increased with the increase in theinternet connectivity.


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