The Ring



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Boththe Lord of the rings and the Hobbit film series have one thing incommon, the ring. The ring is a symbol of power in which all themajor characters in the movie attempt to gain as they seek after theinfamous ring. The hobbit triology is an adventure film directed byPeter Jackson, the same director of the lord of the rings triology.The movie is an adaptation of a 1937 novel The Hobbit which waswritten by J.R.R Tolkein and is considered a classic as far aschildren literature is concerned. In the essay, the author willdiscuss the story of the ring and explain how the Gollum acquired thering and why the ring makes people invisible.

TheHobbit is a story about conquest in which a number of dwarfs led byBilbo Baggins who live in a rural setting begins the quest for atreasure that is guarded by smaug, a dragon. In order to make thisconquest, Bilbo Baggings finds out that the powers of the ring wouldcome in handy in making their dreams come true as they have to fightan army of wargs and goblins in the battle of five armies. The ringin the Hobbit turns out to be the game changer in the story andbecomes the most crucial symbol in the story as it enables the dwarfsled by Bilbo to defeat the arm of the battle of five armies in themovie. In the Hobbit, Bilbo acquires the ring from Gollum who has nowturned into a wiered looking creature due to the effects ofpossessing the ring. Prior to the aquiring the ring Gollum wasreferred to as Smeagle and seeks refuge in the Misty Mountains. It isin this mountains that Gollum comes into contact with Bilbo andunfortunately loses the magic ring to Bilbo after a riddle game.Gollum had lost the ring and unfortunately showed Bilbo the way outsince Bilbo had now become invisible after aquiring the ring and alsofortetited his meal since he lost the bet. Gollum had on the otherhand had aquired the ring after killing Deagol, who discovered thering on a riverbed while on a fishing expedition. After acquiring thering, Smeagol kept the ring for over five hundred years unfortunatelythe powers of the ring had already taken a toll on him and turned himinto a weird looking creature which was now Gollum.

Oneof the most important elements in the Hobbit is the ring of souron orthe mater ring or the ruling ring. The ring has extraordinary powersand it was manufactured to create control over the other rings ofpower. However, the ring was so powerful that it made it possesorsaddicted to it and turned them into weired creatures. For example, itturns Smeagal into Gollum who in turns refers to the ring as “myprecious (Tolkien,1937).”The ring has some extraordinary powers in which it makes peopleinvisible and this comes in handy when Bilbo fights the army of ofwargs and goblins in the battle of five armies. The ring possess bothgood and bad elements and depending on how the possessors use thering, the ring may either work for or against them. In the Hobbit,Biblo uses it for good and allows him to become invisible and thishelps him win the war again his enemy in the battle of five armies.


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