The Twenties



Whydo you think the event was important, and how does it fit into theconflict and changes of the 1920s?

Oneof the activities that I have selected to support my final project isthe report known as The Meriam Report. This report was firstspecially made by Lewis Meriam and the Department of Interior whichwas assigned to them by the director of the technical team (Lewis,1998). They were supposed to gather data and convey relevantinformation about the situation of the Native Americans in the USA.The report was submitted by Meriam in the month of February in 1928.The Report covers the topics such as education, health, despair andthe poverty that affected the Indian communities in America. Thereport criticizes the work of the Interior Department in theimplementation of the Dawes Act using the true statistics whileexposing the events as they occurred to the Native Americans. Barnes&amp Bowles (2014) argue that the nation required &quotheroism buthealing, not nostrums but normalcy, not the revolution butrestoration&quot (p. 7.1). I trust in the work of Meriam as it wasthe beginning of restoration, healing and normalcy to the NativeAmericans.

Howdoes the event you chose relate to your Final Project topic?

Towardsthe late 1990s, the American government created the policies for theassimilation and the allotment of the Native Americans which wasaimed to transform the condition of the Native Americans. Thepolicies encouraged the private ownership of the land to operate theschools (Lewis, 1998). This was aimed at making the condition of theNative Americans similar to that of the whites. The end of 1990sindicated how the policies set by the government had failed tooperate. The recommendations and the results obtained on economicdevelopment, education, community life, family and other socialconcerns that were made in the report of Meriam had their basis fromthe 1934 IRA which led to the formation of federal Native Americanpolicy (Barnes &amp Bowles 2014, p.7.1)

Whatdoes the primary source you chose tell you about this topic?

The primary source that I selected is the original Meriam Report, andthis implies that it offers me the correct findings and statisticsconcerning the problems that Native Americans faced in the 1990s. Theproblems include education, health community life, family and thegeneral state of the economy. It also offers the recommendations oneconomic development, education, community life, family and othersocial concerns covered in the Meriam Report (Meriam, 1928, p.14).

Whatdoes it not tell you?

Thereport does not tell me the influence that the Meriam report had onthe Indian community. It does not state whether the impact wasnegative or positive.


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