The world portrayed by Joseph Roth


The world presented by Roth in the book What ISaw: Reports from Berlin, is more or lesssimilar to the current world of today. Roth describes aspects such astraffic, rising entertainment industry, construction in Berlin andthe aspect of displaced persons. These are aspects that exist rife inthe world people live today. Displaced people due to politicalviolence are prevalent in numerous African countries such as Burundiand also in the Middle East. This piece of writing was as a result of13 years of observation that the journalist and author had in Germanybefore he run away in 1933 when Hitler took over power. The bookdescribes how the author read Jewish newspapers that described thewar in Palestine. This is more or less the same with the world oftoday. The war in Palestine is yet to be over and this book seemsprojected what was to happen in the future.

The author describes how he saw homeless immigrants and alsodescribes how laws were devised to deal with the immigrants. Thisseems like an explanation of the current world. There are thousandsof illegal immigrants who are homeless today in the US, Australia andthe United Kingdom. These countries are currently trying to come upwith laws that will help curb the illegal movement of immigrants. Thepresence of night clubs, departmental stores and movie theatres areall aspects that the world of today can relate to. The book seems todescribe the future including the escalators that are said to be inthe departmental stores.

In conclusion, it is abundantly clear from the book that the authordescribed a world in Berlin that similar in numerous ways to thecurrent world. He depicted a world where there are homeless refugeesand also a world that is developing both in terms of infrastructureand technology.