Types of Love in the Family

Typesof Love in the Family

Oneof the most significant aspects of the society bondage is the family.Despite the strong connection by blood, families can turn to be themost frustrating set up to live hence leaving the doubts in the bloodis thicker than water question. Love is the essential bond in thefamily as viewed in the Tyrone’s’ family set up which ischaracterized by family problems ranging from drug abuse, disease,and depression.

O’Neill’splay brings the aspect of a mother for son love clearly by showinghow Mary’s sons are concerned about her health especially afterundergoing the treatment for substance abuse. Edmund is firstconcerned about her mother’s insomnia and movement in the house atthe middle of the night. However, he tries to question her in anintelligent way not to alarm the rest of the family to avoidembracement. Edmund also worries about her mother’s reactiontowards his diagnosis more than his health that shows an extension ofthe love between the two.

Theplay depicts the love for a brother when Jamie and Edmund fight andargue about stealing their father’s alcohol and later shifts theirconversation to their mother’s health status and abuse of morphine.They both agree that their mother should be of concern lately yetagain representing the son love for mother. Despite these twobrothers fighting, they come to agreements and even go to an extentof discussing their personal life. Jamie shows concern for Edmundscoughing and warns him to be concerned before they are interrupted bytheir mother.

Memoriesof love bring James and Mary together despite their fighting andabuse of drugs. Both James and Mary had now turned to be victims ofdrug abuse with Mary embarking on morphine use and James becoming analcoholic. Edmund wishes to be a great writer despite his healthsituation and just like his father’s love for stage performance,Edmund is determined. Finally the conversation between Edmund andJames when he returns home in the midnight not only shows the lovefor father to son but also from their discussion it shows the lovefor the career path Edmund is focused on achieving.

Inconclusion, all families are faced with challenges that bring aboutfights and quarrels amongst the members however it is through thesefights that we find the bondage and love. Through fighting theTyrone’s find a way to live in love against tough situations.