Uber Economy in America

UberEconomy in America

Therising economic insecurity in America is attributable to thedecades-long employment practices. An article appearing in the NewYork Times authored by Noam Scheiber on 12th July 2015 parents thecase of a Uber employee driver who received the protection of thecourt as deserving various workplace protections. The case in thecourt presents the feelings of many American citizens/. The economyis gradually becoming what the author terms as a “gig economy”(Scheiber, 2015).

Currently,Uber employs about 4,000 people out of about 160,000 people whodepend on it directly and indirectly. These people depend on thecompany for a part of their livelihood. However, the company andothers are a major challenge to the longstanding idea of what itmeans to hold a job. America is slowly turning into a Uber countrywith a significant number of people working as freelancers or on acontractual basis. The trend is promises increased efficiency andflexibility, but it has adverse effects on the fundamental idea ofthe American middle class (Scheiber, 2015).

Suchemployment without the prospects of permanency coupled with theeffects of globalization is an explanation of why there is stagnationin the average incomes in the country. The Uber-like employmentsdemean the essence of unionization, and the result is a feeling ofeconomic anxiety among the members of the middle class. According tothe author, 23% of Americans are still in worry of having theirworking hours cut. Another 24% live in worry of having their wagesreduced, and this escalates the levels of tension (Scheiber, 2015).

Evenif the economic growth shoots up, this problem cannot be ignored. Theauthor concludes by highlighting that the issue is likely to spurpolitical concerns directed towards changing the situation.


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