Unit V Case Study

UnitV Case Study

UnitV Case Study

Effectivemanagement requires the application of Team Leadership Model (TLM).The organization has a challenge of centralizing the decision-makingprocess. This sometimes challenges the lower management to refuse thedecision made since they feel they are not involved in thedecision-making process. The third level management involves internalcontrol where the goals are not clarified, take no position in themanagement, management employees highly qualified personnel and doesnot train the existing employees. Lastly, there is underemployment inthe organization (Brooks, A. 2010).

TeamGoals for Outputs

Foroutputs to be realized, some important goals have to be met. Themajor one is that the group should be provided with an incentive interms of monetary terms. The incentive should be an appreciation andcan also be in the form of promotion. This will motivate them to workhard. The second way to realize the goal is providing a ground foremployees to earn a higher pay through working extra time especiallyduring the time of low profits. This will encourage the employees towork hard since they will be motivated by the money incentives theorganization offers them. The employees will work hard to earn moreincome when the environment is set conducive for them to work. Theywill feel appreciated by the top management for the work they performhence working more to improve their performance (Maddux et al. 2009).

Potentialresources for Marco and his team in putting in place a strategy tochange the way they do business at Hernandez &amp Associates

Changecan be achieved through expanding the area of operation from realestate to other essential needs. The change could also be realized bygetting new workers who are ready to embrace the status quo. Thelast option is to make the existing employees realize the importanceof the current leadership of engaging them in making decisions(Maddux et al. 2009)


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