Video Games and Child Development

VideoGames and Child Development

VideoGames and Child Development

Theentertainment industry has undergone immense growth and developmentin the contemporary human society. Indeed, it is acknowledged thatthe sector currently has become a multi-billion dollar industrycreating numerous jobs and allowing many people to be exposed to theworld beyond their habitat. At the center of the entertainmentindustry is the video game sector, which has also undergone immensedevelopment particularly in the 21stcentury, as a result of the growth in digital technology. Numerousgames have been invented exploring different aspects of the societyand allowing for the exploration of varied paradigms. Of course, itis acknowledged that video games primarily target young people andespecially children. However, recent times have seen immensecontroversy regarding the effects that video games have on childdevelopment. Volumes of literary works have explored this dimension,which is the case for Dai and Fry’s article “Effectsof Video games on Child Development”.

Inthis article, Dan and Fry provide statistics pertaining to theincreased utilization of video games, as well as provide a summary ofthe history of video games right from the end of the 20thcentury to-date. On the same note, they underline the statisticspertaining to the utilization of video games in America, the agegroups and the number of hours they spend. Nevertheless, the bane ofthe article is an examination of the effects of video games on thedevelopment of children and the youth who are the major consumers ofthe same. It should be acknowledged that there is immense difficultyin determining whether video games are good or bad for childdevelopment. Nevertheless, numerous studies have demonstrated thatthere are varied sides to the story, in which case video games may bedetrimental to child development or even act as an enhancement of thesame. This is dependent on varied factors including the content ofvideo games, the age at which individuals are playing the same, aswell as the amount of time that is spent on the same. Violent videogames may be detrimental to child development since children may beinfluenced to act in a negative manner. Similarly, kids spend toomuch time playing games instead of physically playing outside, whichaffects their physical and social growth and resulting in diseasessuch as obesity. Nevertheless, video games may enhance development ofchildren with regard to improving their multitasking capabilities,solving problems in their lives, as well as undertake speedythinking.

Thisarticle is relevant to the course material as it explores not onlythe growth and development of video games but also the effects of thesame to the society at large. On the same note, it should beacknowledged that the article is appropriate or significant as itdetermines the fact that there is no universality with regard to theeffects of video games on the society, rather the overall impact isdependent on varied factors. This brings to the fore the importanceof effecting some controls with regard to the content, age of theusers and the time that is taken with video games. As much as theutilization of video games can be both detrimental and beneficial tochild development, it is imperative that proper controls are made soas to eliminate the bad and allow for exploitation of the good.


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