Week Three Open Forum


WeekThree Open Forum

WeekThree Open Forum

Weekthree was the most educative week as it covered a wide range ofAmerican histories such as the American Imperialism and the ManifestDestiny. The topics covered in the past week were very interestingsuch that it covers all the facts regarding the American evolution inthe early 1850ss all the way to the mid-1990s (Barnes, &amp Bowles,2014). The most interesting part that I came across is that theopportunistic nature of the Americans started very long time ago atthe time when the Americans wanted to expand their territories to fittheir increasing population (Cox, 2003). I was also surprised andconfused with the content that we covered last week in the class. Itis very hard to imagine that America could carry on the imperialismtowards different countries that border it alone without thosecountries retaliating back. I think those countries should haveformed an alliance in the past with the motive of fighting back atthe exploitation they were experiencing.

I have also found the topics covered very confusing to heavyterminologies that were used in expressing the perspectives and theencounters from 1877. The week`s coverage opened my eyes to greatheights such that I was able to realize why some events are the waythey appear in the current world. I was not familiar with theAmerican history but the learning changed my way of thinking suchthat I gained a lot of information on topics such as imperialism andthe reason that facilitate some superior countries to engage in suchkinds of activities. I have discovered that for me to understandingthe course work well, I need to understand the history, theperspectives, and the encounters from 1877 (Jones, &amp Rakestraw,1997). The question that comes up after reading the last week is&quotWill the Americans continue to exploit other nations throughouthuman life?&quot The insights that I have gathered from the pastweek is that due to the changing economy, all the countries will beempowered and, therefore, none of the countries will be superior tothe others.


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