“What Does it Mean to Think Historically?”

“What Does it Mean to Think Historically?”

Nursing History Class

  1. What is one way mentioned by the authors to look for complexity in historical issues?

Accordingto the author, one way in which we can look for complexity inhistorical issues is to put into consideration all the sides of anissue.

  1. Briefly explain how the 5 concepts in this article are “at the heart of questions historians seek to answer.”

Thefive C’s of historical thinking are at the heart of the questionshistorians seek to answer as they make explicit the ways in whichhistorians think.

  1. The concept that an idea might require more thought or more research falls under which one of the 5 elements of the historical discipline?


  1. What is emphasized in the category of “Causality?”

Casualtyrefers to the ability of history to use a series of past experiences.The main emphasis in this aspect is that, the key goal of history isto extend persuasive explanations of historical incidences andprocesses founded on logical interpretations of historical proof.

  1. What distinguishes historical thinking from the conception of history held by many non-historians?

Complexityis the aspect that distinguishes historic thinking from history, acommonly perceived view of non historians.