Thechapter 8-video case is case study that tries to study some of thecrucial aspects, to put into concern when searching for a strategicplace to put the Hard Rock Café. When strategizing for a place toset up any hotel business like the hard rock café, there are factorsto consider before the commencement. The first factor to consider isthe legal factors required to set up the café. One cannot start up abusiness without settling the legal requirements necessary[ CITATION Koz05 l 1033 ].Next arethe economical and political surroundings of where to place the hardrock café. The place needs to have the economical potential for thecafé to grow. Another factor is the social norms of the surrounding.To back up the factor, the foods and services offered in the caféshould go hand in hand with the social norms of the place. Anotherimportant factor to account for is the target customers[ CITATION McL10 l 1033 ].Customers are the essential people for any business. In searching fora place to set up a business, it is important for Hard Rock Cafémanagers to look for a place where there are potential customers fortheir products.

Asif not enough, it is important to consider the type of employees aswell as considering the relationship of the employees with the ownersand the customers. The way employees relate with the customersdetermines the performance of the café. Different places withdifferent cultures require different employees who understand thenorms and the culture of the customers[ CITATION Rea04 l 1033 ].Next is the room for expansion for the café. Need to settle for aplace that allows room for expansion for the café. In looking for aplace, consider whether that place has the ability to achieve a fastmarket to realize profits. All the video elaborates in summary is thestrategic positioning of business and the factors to consider inarriving at the strategic place.


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