Women Character in the Society

WomenCharacter in the Society

Womenare said to be the pillars of the society in most of the caseshowever they come in different contribution to the society. They areour mothers, sisters, suitors and obviously wives and mothers to ourkids. According to Wilde, women can be represented differently in thesociety following their characters. Wilde discusses the input ofwomen in the society in marriage, manners, sense of social class andsincerity.

Theencounter of Gwendolen, the daughter to Lady Bracknell and her suitorJack “Earnest” that shows the paranoia feeling of a mothertowards her daughters relationship. Lady Bracknell is torn betweenaccepting the relationship her daughter has with Jack simply becauseshe thinks that he is not of the same social class with her daughter.The fact that Jack is an orphan makes Lady Bracknell nervous ofletting him elope with her daughter for marriage with fear for theirfuture. She is especially afraid that Jack will turn to be a butler.

Marriageis such an important social status as shown by Wilde in the play byuse of Cecily and Gwendolen where both women are fascinated by theromantic notion of getting married. However, the contradictingsituation is their attitude towards the Victorian morals of marriagewhich they tend to dislike a lot. Both women have a lot in commonwhich makes them more of sisters, however, this is symbolic for Wildeto represent what women like in the society. First is theirpreference of their suitor who should be named Earnest and then theirviews and fantasies about marriage.

Onthe other hand is the representation of women in the society by LadyBracknell, who as a mother is still protective of her grown daughter.Many are times in the society that mothers have come forward todeprive their daughters of their freedom of a suitor’s choice asdepicted here by Wilde. Lady Bracknell simply disapproves themarriage between her daughter and Jack due to his obscure parentagethat is socially and morally not right to discriminate from theirsocial class.

Womenare represented differently in the society as Wilde tries to bring itin the play though the main theme focuses on the Victorian marriagemorals. Some of the characteristics shown may vary between love andselfishness especially from the mother-daughter relationship shown byGwendolen and her mother. However in conclusion it is through thesetraits that we get to understand the society better.