Your body language shapes who you are


Amy Cuddy describes the effects of body language on the judgmentsthat people make regarding other people. According to Amy, it ispossible for a person’s body language to have an extremelysignificant effect on the life of a person (Cuddy, 2012). By bodylanguage, Amy means the body posture, the facial expression and bodymovement. She asserts that people make judgments about other peoplesimply by observing their facial expression. This body language isdescribed by Amy as non-verbal form of communication which affectsinteractions. The body language that a person depicts affects theirinteraction with other people. Amy continues to associate this bodylanguage with the aspects of power and confidence. She asserts thatwhen people make themselves large through lifting their hands orstanding with legs wide open, the feel extreme power withinthemselves (Cuddy, 2012). This creates a feeling of confidence,assertiveness, optimism and power. On the other hand, folding handstogether and making oneself small makes people to feel powerless.Powerless people lack confidence and are pessimistic andnon-assertive according to Amy.

According to the video, Cuddy has stated that she conductedexperiments which demonstrated that powerful people were more likelyto pass in interviews or win in games. On the contrary, powerlesspeople were seen as being likely to fail interviews (Cuddy, 2012).Cuddy asserted that a two minute pose such as expanding oneself andmaking oneself big would increase a person’s confidencesignificantly minutes before an interview. This would make the personwell in the interview. Scientifically, Amy attributed these changesto hormonal changes. She stated that testosterone was responsible forpower and confidence while cortisol is the hormone associated withstress (Cuddy, 2012). Amy seems to encourage her audience to try thetwo minute body posture associated with power and find out howeffective it is. She continues to assert that the body language of aperson has effects on the mind. It is clear that hormones arecontrolled by the brains and therefore if the hormones are affectedby the body language, it is clear that the brains are also affectedby the body language.

There are some insights that are provided by the video by Amy. Itwould difficult for one to think that a two minute body posture thatillustrates power would have any long term effect on a person’slife. However, Amy has clearly demonstrated this through her labexperiments. Through continuous attempts in trying to becomepowerful, Amy has shown that it is indeed possible to become powerfulthrough believing in oneself and having the right body language(Cuddy, 2012). It is also insightful to learn that a body posturewould change the levels of some hormones in the body. It is wish forevery person to increase his or her confidence and assertiveness whengoing for events such as interviews. This implies that the insightgiven by Amy in the video are extremely useful (Cuddy, 2012). It isalso insightful to note that people who possess power are likely totake risks and are therefore likely to succeed.

The information provided in the video is straightforward and simpleto interpret. Amy is a social scientist and therefore the informationgiven in the video has to be viewed and interpreted from a socialscientific perspective. Although there are some experiments involved,it is hard to purely interpret the information as scientific. It isclear that the experiments have not been repeated and resultsconfirmed by a different researcher. The results discussed by Amy inthe video are largely observational and behavioral in nature. It is,however, useful to state that the information provided in the videocan be interpreted as being credible and testable. The experimentsinvolved are simple and can easily be tried by any person. It is alsovital to state that the information given in the video can beinterpreted as being helpful to people who feel powerless. There isvital information and insights which people can use to increase andenhance their power. The information provided in the video has greatmeaning to people who feel powerless or people who are lookingforward to increasing their self-confidence. Additionally, theinformation is meaningful to people who might be planning to attendan interview or to sports people who might want to enhance theirconfidence levels. In other words, every person who would want toenhance his or her confidence levels might find the information inthe video extremely meaningful.

The evidence provided by the video that physical appearance doesindeed affect how other people interpret and view us is in support ofprevious studies in other chapters. It is clear from the video thatpeople make judgments depending on how look physically. This mayinclude dressing and the facial expression of a person (Pease &ampPease, 2011). The posture of a person can also attract judgments fromother people. This is all in support of previous studies in differentchapters. It is possible for people to judge a person who does noutter a word (Pease &amp Pease, 2011). As simply put by Amy in thevideo, political post winners are largely determined and elected onthe basis of how they look physically or their facial expression(Cuddy, 2012). This information is extremely worth. This is becauseinterviewers may use physical appearance or facial expression to findout the level of confidence of a person. This may determine whethersuch a person is hired or not. Additionally, judgments are made everyday on the basis of people look physically and it is thereforeessential to read and understand the information in the video.

The insights I gained from the video can indeed be applied in theworkplace, as well in my interactions and communication with others.By practicing the two minute posture described by Amy, I will obtainimmense confidence ad assertiveness, which will definitely enhance mycommunication skills with the other people in the workplace. When Igain sufficient confidence, it will help me to interact with mycolleagues at work well and also to address my concerns to any seniormanager with assertiveness and assurance. It is also clear thatcommunication must not necessarily be verbal. This video has enabledme to learn how to interpret the non-verbal communication frompeople. It will be extremely easy for me to find out what othercolleagues mean when they use facial expressions or body postures.Additionally, I would use the insight that Amy has offered regardingenhancing one’s assertiveness and confidence before an interview toprogress through the ranks in my position at the workplace. It wouldbe extremely easy for me to advance through the various interviewsand progress in my career.


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