Buffalo Bill Questions


BuffaloBill Questions


JoyKasson names her chapter “Inventing the Wild West” in a way tomean that the west was a concept created by the American imagination.The name of the chapter resonates with the popular thought that thewest was invented by a combination of the popular culture that shapedthe opinion of generations about the west. The name of the chapterpresents the notion explained in the book that the west developed asan invention of its identity in the world. This gives the audiencethe concept that the Wild West was invented.

Moreover,Joy Kasson argues that the Wild West was invented by the developmentsin the region in relation to the rest of America. The chaptercontributes to the rest of the book into explaining how the image ofthe Wild West was created and built into a worldwide phenomenon. Kasson argues how William Cody built the image of the west andcreated a world that became part of the American tradition. Thisresonates with the goal of the book to analyze how an American erasedthe boundary between entertainment and the real world.


Thecreation of folk hero is a result of the American history of thecivil war and after the civil war. However, more specifically, thefolk hero of William&quotBuffalo Bill&quot Cody is a result of two types of creatorsthe soldiers in civil war, and William Cody himself. On one side, thesoldiers in the American civil war are responsible for the creationof the William&quotBuffalo Bill&quot Cody as a folk hero.They gave the heroism character to the man who they thought had donemuch in terms of hunting for buffalo. It is from this hunting thatWilliam Cody got the name “Buffalo Bill” as he was purported tohave killed over 4000 buffalos.

Onthe other hand, William Cody himself is responsible for the creationof the folk hero William&quotBuffalo Bill&quot Cody.This is through giving exaggerated accounts of his achievements,which made people think of him as an extraordinary person. As aresult of his exaggeration, the folk hero grew in the imaginations ofthe Americans and the world over. While the people who believed thethings are responsible for the creation of the folk hero, William ismore responsible because of exaggerating his experiences andaccomplishes.


Historicalreenactors like Buffalo Bill have a duty to represent the pastauthentically and accurately.This is because the facts that they give will be taken as historicalevents for the future. Their misrepresentation of the facts is notonly unfair to the people at the time, but also unfair to the peopleof the future. While the responsibility also falls on the audience,the bigger the responsibility falls on the historicalrenenactors themselves.Without the presentation of facts as inaccurate, the audience couldnot have the difficult option of believing or not believing theexaggerated facts.

However,the reenactment of buffalo bill influenced the way Americans viewedand thought of the Native Americans. People changed their viewpointsof the nature and culture of the Native Americans due to thecombination of entertainment and the real world. In the life ofbuffalo bill, there are stereotypes like poisoning of the well thathe did not confirm. These stereotypes comprise of views that peoplehave on the historical aspects of the Native Americans.