Cardiovascular Disorders

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Cardiovasculardiseases also known as heart disease comprises numerous problems thataffect the individuals and they are related to atherosclerosis acondition that establishes when a plaque builds up in the arterialwalls. This paper, therefore, is going to discuss age as the patientfactor that leads to cardiovascular Disorders. The paper will alsodiscuss on one of the alterations of the cardiovascular disorders anddetermine how hypertension can result in the selected alteration.

CardiovascularDisorders and Age

Infants and the aged people are the most vulnerable group of peoplewho are easily affected by cardiovascular malfunctions. This isbecause the heart of children is immature and is more sensitive topressure overload. The aged people, on the other hand, are also athigh risk of heart failure due to their aged tissues that are unableto support increased level of pressure in the heart. The cardiacoutput relies entirely on the heart rate. The cardiac muscles of theinfants, therefore, start to develop when they attain the age of 5years. This explains to as why there is high percentage of childrenbelow the age of 5 years in US and the whole world suffering fromcardiovascular malfunctions. The old people are also the vulnerablegroup because their cardiac tissues have been completely worn outduring their stages of development (Huether, &amp McCance, 2012).

PeripheralArtery Disease and how it is caused by hypertension

This refers to the condition of the blood vessels that has isresponsible for supplying the legs and the feet with blood. Thecondition is facilitated by arteriosclerosis that is a cardiovasculardisease (McPhee, &amp Hammer, 2012). In the event where hypertensionis left untreated for a long duration of time, the disease can causeextra straining of arteries in the legs and the arms. This furtherleads to painful cramps a condition that is referred to as peripheralartery disease (Laureate Education, 2012).


Cardiovasculardisorders are diseases that affect the heart of an individual. Thedisease is common in young and aged people due to their weak immunesystems. When not treated at an early stage, hypertension isdangerous such that it can lead to severe alterations like theperiphery artery disease.


It is evident that the rate of cardiovascular disorders is high ininfants and aged people than when compared to strong children ofabove the age of 5 years and the middle-aged adult. Hypertension is,therefore, a big risk factor that causes peripheral artery disease.The solution to the disease is to use the medication appropriatelyand to indulge in the lifestyles that can lower the risks of thedevelopment of PAD.


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