Case Study Kelly’s Assignment in Japan


CaseStudy: Kelly’s Assignment in Japan

CaseStudy: Kelly’s Assignment in Japan

Thesituation that Kelly and her family are facing in is a culture shockfrom the Japanese social environment, at the disenchantment stage.The elements of the Japanese culture are spilling into the economicspace and affecting her new job in Tokyo, as seen by the Japaneseemployees (Deresky,2013).To solve the problems she is facing, Kelly should consider bothfamily and career as equally important. She should keep appreciatingthe family for agreeing to move with her to Japan. In addition, sheshould take time to learn the Japanese culture in relation tohandling foreigners and women. This will help her understand theJapanese perception and attitude towards women, Kelly can know whento intervene and when not to.

Inthe long term, Kelly should plan on taking steps to train her maleemployees to be receptive of cultural diversities and communicatewith the headquarters to make any necessary changes. Kelly shouldalso consider delegating duties when faced with a situation thatrequires facing clients with negative attitudes towards women. Forexample, in the presentation, she would have let Peter talk more, andalso allow peter deal with the Japanese colleagues at the workplace.

Whiletechnology assists in management and exposes managers to new globalideas, it does not give solutions to cultural diversities. In thiscase, Kelly should use technology to learn the Japanese culture andexplore ways of managing without expanding the differences. Kelly andthe company could have used tools like video conferencing to make thepresentations to the clients while in Boston. However, since she hastaken the job in Japan, she can only use technology to expand herview of the Japanese social, cultural and political environmentbefore she gets another upset.


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