Code of Ethics Relationship between Humana’s Corporate Culture and

Codeof Ethics: Relationship between Humana’s Corporate Culture andEthical Decisions-Making

Relationshipbetween Humana’s Corporate Culture and Ethical Decisions-Making

Corporateculture affects nearly aspects of the company, including thedecisions making process. Humana Health Care Organization is not anexemption because its compliance with ethical standards is attributedto the rich corporate culture. The company’s culture is defined byseveral aspects, including an emphasis on people, the well-being ofthe clients, patients’ right to make choices, and innovation(Broussard, 2014). These elements of corporate culture guide Humana’semployees whenever they are expected to resolve dilemmas. Theemphasis that the company put on people and the well-being of thepatients has helped it to avoid losing its integrity at the expenseof high profits as many health care organizations have done (Ray,2013). This is because all health care providers working with Humanaare aware that every patient should be given quality servicesregardless of how much they have paid.

Inaddition, the corporate culture’s element of innovation has helpedHumana in making cost reduction decisions that guide it towards theuse of technology (Broussard, 2014). This has helped the companyavoid unethical practices, such as overcharging patients in order tomake profits and making false Medicaid as well as the Medicareclaims.

Humana’scorporate culture also integrates the current trends where thepopulation is becoming more diverse. Humana emphasizes on theconcepts of cultural sensitivity and inclusion (Humana, 2015).Inclusion means that the company decision makers consider the factthat the employees and clients come from different culturalbackgrounds. This has helped the company avoid unethical practices,such as the discrimination of employees as well as clients on thebasis of their social characteristics. In essence, the corporateculture has helped Humana make ethical decisions and enhance theability of employees to deal with ethical dilemmas more effectively.


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