Comment for Essay 1

Commentfor Essay 1

Thestudent presents a valid expression of utopia and a world that isbased on the perfect operations of the world. However, the type ofutopia created by the student seems to reflect things that are in thereal world, or are being achieved in some societies. The expressionof universal health care presents elements of the real world, whichis the description of dystopia. In the same way, the student refersto the challenges in his utopian world, which makes the utopian worlda dystopia.

Commentfor Essay 2

Thestudent clearly explains why people create utopia, or attempt tocreate utopia. In addition, the student gives an example thatdescribes the world of utopia people could create. However, thestudent presents a situation that relates more to dystopia than toutopia in the example provided. All in all, the student drives thedescription to a valid conclusion that utopian world is not possible.