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Mycommunity is Hollywood within Broward County, Florida. This is ageopolitical community because it has a combination of variouspolitical and geographical factors. Geographically, Hollywood isbordered by the municipalities of Pembroke Pines to the West, Davieand Cooper City to the Northwest, Fort Lauderdale to the North,Miramar to the Southwest and West Park to the South( 2015).It has a total area of 30.8 square miles. It covers approximately 9.7km of Atlantic Oceans. Hollywood in Broward County plays asignificant role in the campaigns and politics of South Florida. Itslocation to the south and near the Atlantic makes it an importantbattleground for politicians when seeking for elections in Florida.Hollywood and Broward County in general also contributes to thenational politics by moving from the Republican to the Democraticparties in national elections. Since 1992, Broward County has beensupporting for Democratic Presidential nominee unlike other countiesof Florida which is a Republican-dominated county. Therefore, thegeographic location of Hollywood to the Southeastern part of BrowardCounty, and location of Broward County to the South of Florida playsa significant role in the politics of the County.

Mycommunity of Hollywood in Broward County is a phenomenologicalcommunity of entertainment, tourism and attractions. The community isphenomenological because it has shared relationships, culture,interests, goals and beliefs. The community is rooted inentertainment, games such as fishing, tourism and attractions, andeducation. The phenomenological community does not cover thegeographical region because the culture of entertainment and tourismis distributed throughout United States and other countries withoutconsideration to geographical and political location. However, thecity of Hollywood is geographically suitable for its tourism andattractions which boosts the interests and culture of the peoplebecause it is located close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Thereare benefits and challenges for community health nurses in providingcare for different communities and similar communities. One of thechallenges is that some infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis canrise significantly in different communities because people are notable to communicate effectively with community health nurses and witheach other to maintain healthy and hygienic practices in order toprevent the diseases. Another challenge is that similar and differentcommunities may lack access to health care and insurance coverage,which increases mortality among vulnerable groups including pregnantwomen. This affects community health nurses because they lack theresources to empower the communities to access healthcare. The samecommunities also lack diversity of ideas and interests to meetvarious healthcare needs in the community, which affects theperformance of community health nurses.

Interms of benefits, community health nurses provide independentcritical skills needed to solve health problems (Chitty and Black2011). They also have scientific knowledge that can apply in nursingpractices to treat and prevent diseases in the community. Theknowledge and skills enable similar communities to work together andsolve their health problems. Different communities also use theskills and knowledge of community nurses to bring together theirdifferent ideas to solve their health problems.

Challengesfacing community health nurses in different communities can be solvedthrough development of partnerships. Public Health nurses should workwith various partners in the community including NGOs, schools,social service agencies and local community leaders to achieve theirobjectives (Harrington and Estes 2008). Evidence based preventionstrategies can also be used to overcome challenges faced by similarcommunities.

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