Customer Care Questionnaire


CustomerCare Questionnaire

  1. A customer is reporting his website is down. Before having the customer perform any actions or answer any questions, what steps would you take to determine the cause and attempt to fix the problem?

Thefirst thing you should do is first assess the history of the websiteand see whether it has had any previous problems that are recurrent.Second make sure that the servers functions are alright and lastlyaddress the customer.

  1. A customer with an active google apps email account has switched their DNS/MX records to use Google`s e-mail service correctly, the changes have been confirmed to have fully propagated but when they send e-mail from their World Wide Webhosting cPanel server to their hosted domain, the e-mail never arrives at Google. What might be the problem here?

Inthis issue the problem could be that the domains MX is not pointingto the right server where emails are being created and thus thereceiving mail server sees the mail as forged and rejects it. Toestablish it, there are a few things that need to be checked, firstof all, the MX of the domain should always point to a domain thatultimately points to the IP of your server, check what the MX of thedomain is pointing to. Secondly, create two emails accounts from yourcpanel and see whether they can send emails to each other, then latercheck the DNS report, the name server section and the MX section andmake sure they are correct.

  1. A customer is receiving a lot of spam in their email account. This is a cPanel server. What would you do for the customer and what would you recommend?

Iwould advise the customer check the WHM tweak settings and bydisabling the privilege of nobody user to send mails from his server. I would also recommend the customer filter his mail automatically.Since the cpanel has the ability to use mail filters, the addon toolcan be used to examine the messages, sort them out and perform theaction it is commanded to. Another way to avoid spam messages is byaccepting mails form trusted senders only, one can use the boxtrapperspam tool that can be used to reduce spam, the senders have to replyto a message that validates their email, and they are then added onone’s white list.

  1. A customer has reported a problem you have never encountered in the past. It could be anything from a site not working properly, to a potential motherboard failure. Just something you have never seen. How would you determine what the problem is, and a possible solution for the problem? Please list the steps you`d take.

Iwould determine the problem by taking a systematic approach totrouble shooting PC issues. The first step is to have the customerdescribe the problem to help me gather as much information aspossible. Second step is to ask the client to tell you if there isany sub system that is affected for instance a printer, this could beproblem yet the customer doesn’t know that thus blames thecomputer. Third step is to determine whether it is a software or ahardware problem for instance whether there is enough space on the Cdrive or check network related issues. Investigate the softwareissues for instance the hard drive. Fourth step is to check thenetwork issues for instance the internal servers, I would take thecustomer through the rebooting the computer and staring safe mode orswitch to DNS troubleshoot. Fifth step is to resolve the loggingissues where I would log in to the server with the customerscredentials which will narrow down the problem to network connectionor the manner of logging in, next and last step would be to look forvirus issues or use your tools if everything else fails.

  1. A customer is reporting seeing a high number of bounce backs in one of their email accounts even though they have not sent out any mass mailings and the email addresses that are bouncing the mail back are not familiar. What could be the problem and what things would you check to confirm your theory?

Myfirst guess would be that the customer’s mail server has a verypoor newsletter configuration or that the mail server has beencompromised and it is being used for spam delivery. I would confirmmy assumptions by checking the SMTP logs as well as the content ofthe bounce backs. If my guesses are right and that the mail server iscompromised then I would tighten up the server configuration andsecure the local mail clients.For the next 5 questionsassume I am the customer, and you are the Customer SupportSpecialist. Also pretend this is a support ticket so you will want toinclude a greeting, and all the information you want to convey to thecustomer.1.“I am trying to setup my e-mail account in my email software. I canreceive mail fine, but I am not able to send any email.”Hey,(name),

Nowsomething is wrong with your outgoing mail settings but your incomingis completely fine, this is because the email servers have twodetached connections for both incoming and outgoing. To fix theoutgoing settings please confirm that the settings are in conformitywith the ones I will read out to you (read the settingsconfigurations for the mail server). Just as a by the way if anoption for enabling TLS or SSL pops up then make sure it is in linewith your configuration. After this, you should get back to workingalright.

Thankyou for contacting us and feel free to contact us again if you haveany further problems and/or questions.



2.“I’ve been away on a trip and I just checked my website for thefirst time in a few weeks and noticed it has been defaced with somekind of hacker message. How could you let the server my site is onget hacked and do nothing about it?”


Iam regrettably sorry about that and I understand how you feel, firstof all to try and fix the problem let us see whether we can restorethings from a recent back up by going over through the securitysettings. These problems occur mostly due to use of weak passwords onFTP, email or even cpanel. Additionally check whether your mail hasbeen compromised, if it has then you should consider changing thepassword because a hacker takes advantage of forgotten passwordfeature. For one to know who has accessed your account go to thebottom of link details to get the IP addresses and locations of thehacker. Now after checking sign out in all the web sessions andchange the passwords then we will restore the site from the recentbackup to get you back in order.

Thankyou for bringing it to our attention and your patience with us, weare again sorry for any inconveniences experienced.


(name)3.“Why are you telling me my resource usage is high? I barely haveany visitors on my WordPress site! Is this some sort of scam to makeme upgrade?”Hello(name)

Iassure you it is not a scam, your bandwidth usage is high for thespecified traffic the cause could be large files on the site forinstance streaming videos or images. The case here is that such fileshave been set to automatically load on a user accessing your sitewhich means that a lot of bandwidth is being eaten up quickly.

Myrecommendation would be that you go through your site and compresssome of the files though this would otherwise compromise the qualityof the same, or alternatively you could format your site in such away that there isn’t automatic loading. This means that the userhas to go through the files to view the heavy/larger files or youcould just increase the hosting plan to increase the bandwidth usagelimits.



4.“Why can’t I send email to my cousin? I keep getting an errorabout being blocked and on a blacklist for spam. I have not sent anyspam though! Why am I blocked? I need to send email now!”


Firstof all the rules on your end could be strict and thus it could befiltering your emails and reading them as spam. We need to establishthe email provider your cousin is using and whether you have taken upany steps to reduce the spam. I would recommend that you check themail settings and the level of filtering to make sure that youremails are not being assumed to be spam. Alternatively, your cousin’ssettings configuration could be the problem if it’s the case thenyour cousin needs to get in contact with her provider to confirm thatemails from you are not being filtered.

Pleasecontact us for any further action.



5.A customer wants a feature that is technically possible, but WorldWide Webhosting does not offer it (For example, let`s say FTP is notoffered). The customer is extremely angry. How would you explain it,how would you calm them down? What else would you do?


Iunderstand your frustration, however we cannot give you what you needas per now, and we are not offering FTP to our customers. Though itmight not fully cover all your needs, we have a superb web based filemanagement option that I think will cover almost all your needs. Youwill love it and it has all the same granular file management youwould expect from a standard FTP server. Dear (name) if you couldgive me the specifics that make you require FTP then I would give youalternatives that re more or less the same as the FTP server.

Ihope I have been of help and I am looking forward to hearing from yousoon.