Depression and Mobilization


Depressionand Mobilization

Depressionand Mobilization

Thereare many combinations of domestic aspects that caused the GreatDepression in the America. This was the worst depression thataffected the American economy. I am going to address some of the fourcauses of Great Depression and some of the programs that were meantto respond to the causes. The impacts of the Great Depression wereimmensely felt across the world. The effects not only resulted to theNew Deal in the US, but more importantly, it was a direct impact thatincreased the rate of extremism In Germany. This led to the secondworld II Barnes, L. &amp Bowles, M. (2014).

The first cause was the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Many peoplebelieve that the stock market crash that was felt on the BlackTuesday is similar to the Great Depression. This is what acceleratedthe Great Depression. By 1930, the stock market of the US had startedto regain losses but it was evident that the country had entered theGreat Depression. The second cause is the Bank Failures. Over 9000banks failed throughout 1930. The situation worsened resulting toless and less expenditures in the country. The third cause of theGreat Depression is the reduction in the purchasing across thecountry. This resulted in the reduction in production, which furtherled to the reduction in the number of the labor force. The GreatDepression was caused by the increased rate of unemployment, whichrose to more than 25% in the US. The CCC was then created in 1933 toretaliate on the effect of unemployment in America. This providedjobs for Americans during the time of Great Depression (Anderson,2002). The last cause that I am going to explain is the AmericanEconomic Policy with Europe. The US government came up withSmooth-Hawley Tariff in the year 1930 with the aim of safeguardingthe American companies. This charged high importation chargesresulting to decreased trade between America and other foreigncountries. Other countries also came up with some economicretaliation that reduced the volume of American exports. TVA wasfounded to combat this issue in the Tennessee Valley region (Rogler,2002).

The societal changes that occurred during the Great Depression areimportant to the final project as they indicate the transformationsthat the Americans have undergone through over a long period. Thegroup of interest in my project is the poor Americans and, therefore,the paper is a good insight to my project because it provides thingsthat are required to combat poverty in the society.


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