Employee Dismissal



Itis the dream of any employer, manager or supervisor to see that hiscompany and part of the job is running smoothly. However, challengesthat face them are much more than anyone could ever imagine. Paul’sconsistent demand to be fired makes one wonder what his trueintentions are.

  1. Would you have let him go as he is requested?

Iwould not have let Paul go as he was requesting. Although Paul’sperformance was awful, firing him would not be a good idea as thiswould cause much trouble in case he filed a case against the company.

  1. Would you have continued with the performance appraisal?

Icertainly would have continued with the performance appraisal inorder to fully assess Paul’s performance, productivity andpotential future improvements. In the case where Paul abandons hiswork, a performance appraisal would help in comparing his performanceand that of the acting supervisors. Kuvaas (2007) affirms that aPerformance appraisal helps an employer to understand the strength,weakness and the employee’s competence both in the present and inthe future.

  1. If you were the Chief Operating Officer and/or Judy, would you meet with him? If so with or without Jim?

Beingthe chief operating officer or Judy, I would have met with Paul inorder to gather as much information from him as possible. I would tryto understand what his intentions are and may be reaching aconsensus.

Consideringthe fact that Paul thinks Jim is setting him up for failure it wasnot a good idea to bring him along as this would have made thingsworse.

  1. How might this have been avoided in the first place?

Allthis would have been avoided if Dennis would take his responsibilityas the Chief Operating officer to inspect the employees, assess theirwork and follow up any cases of poor work performances. Leavingeverything to Dennis is what brought about this rivalry.

  1. What are some of the areas of the performance appraisal process that might have broken down?

Oneof the areas of the performance appraisal process that broke down wasthe discussion of the performance appraisal results with theemployee. Lindbom (2007) admits that this is one of the mostchallenging tasks the manager the managers faced. Through this, anemployee is able to understand and appreciate their strengths andweaknesses and this have effects on their work performances.

  1. If you were to meet with Paul that last time prior to signing the agreement of release of all claims, what might you have said and done?

IfI were to meet with Paul that last time prior to the agreement ofrelease of all claims, I would have tried to persuade him to carry onwith his work and continue the production process. I would alsoexplain to him that performance appraisal was not to intimidate himbut to better the productivity of Generation

7. Whydo you think Judy was reluctant to let Paul go as he so requested?

Judyhad a right reason of not letting Paul go. Being a voluntarytermination, Paul was expected to write a resignation letter and signin it. This would have prevented him from suing the company forviolation of his federal rights with no warning and no apparentreason. If Paul really wanted to resign, he would have followed theright procedure of voluntary dismissal.

  1. Was the four weeks’ severance package a good idea?

Thefour-week severance package was called for as it is the right of anyemployee either fired or voluntarily resigning to be compensated. Aseverance pay often require that the employee will not file a suitagainst the employer for wrongful dismissal or attempt to apply forthe unemployment benefits and if he so does he is supposed to returnthe severance money (Whiting &amp Sulsky, 2008).This was alsonecessary since it seems to completely cut off the cord between Pauland Generation Company

9. Do you agree with Office of Unemployment’s decision? Why or Why Not

Theoffice of unemployment’s decision to award Paul full unemploymentbenefits was not just. The investigators note showed that Paul wasforced to resign while the resignation letter stated otherwise. Infact, it was against the law that Paul was applying for unemploymentcompensation while he had given a four week severance pay. On thesame, Paul’s work history which included the performance appraisalshowed recent work deterioration and was evidence enough that Paulonly wanted to cause trouble. Therefore, the employers should be keenenough to strictly follow each and every law that governs thesecurity of the employee to prevent getting into legal trouble.


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