Final Project Framework

FinalProject Framework

Topic: Early Encounters between the Europeans and the Native Americans

EventOne: Industrial Revolution in the modern America: 1877-1920 Anexploration of workers organization and labor reforms during the timeof industrial expansion. The event happened in the US when theimmigrants flocked in the country from Southern and Eastern Europe.This period had the purpose of mobilizing workers according tostructures and ideologies. The event took place in all the cities ofthe US particularly the cities that are found in the southern part ofthe US. The event involved the immigrants who were looking for thegreener pastures in the America. The event is important in thehistory of the industrial revolution throughout the world.

Eventtwo: The Development of the Industrial US. Thishappened between 1890 and 1930. This was characterized by theAmericans believing in themselves that they are self sufficient andindependent and it was shaped by the western frontier. This is nottrue because there are many traditions in the urban areas that shapedthe modern culture of the Americans. The result of this is that theAmericans started fleeing from the urban centers towards the suburbs.The event is historically important as it helps to explain thepopulation structure and patterns of the Native Americans in the US.

EventThree: The war in Vietnam. The event took place towards the end ofthe 1940s. Manyof the whites supported the war that claimed victory for communism inthe US. Those people that were targeted were the Vietnamese. Theevent is significant as it was one of the polarizing event of 20thcentury in the history of America.


APACitation for Primary Source 1

Preambleto the Knights of Labor Constitution,1878

Annotationfor primary source one:This constitution was headed by Terrence and it represented thestrongest movement of Native workers movement before 1930s. Over 2million workers were arranged along the craft lines.

APACitation for Primary Source 2:

VietnameseDeclaration of Independence,1945

Annotationfor primary source 2:Vietnam was a member of the French Indochina since 1887 up to theemergence of the World War II. The Viet Minh was established in 1945,which served the purpose of proclaiming Vietnam.

APACitation for Secondary Source 1: BruceLaurie. Artisansinto Workers: Labor in 19thCentury America.New York: Hill &amp Wang, 1989.

Annotationfor secondary Source 2: This is a comprehensive research that showsthe changes in the labor industry. The writer excels at explainingthe emergence of early unions and the experiences that the NativeAmericans went through.

APACitation for Secondary Source 2:Christian G. Appy. Patriots:The Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides.New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1984.

Annotationfor secondary Source 2:The writer uses history to narrate the story of war in Vietnam. Hedoes this by interviewing the doctors, soldiers, politicians and thepeace activists from South of Vietnam and the US.

ThesisStatement: Alot of transformations have been encountered in the history of theNative Americans in their interactions with the Europeans such that alot of industrial development and cultures have been observed from1877 to 1945 during the end of the World War II