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Thepersonality disorder will cause my relationship with the society tochange and in other case I will feel neglected and not loved in thecommunity. To succeed in life, I know I need others and having astrained relationship with them will discourage my endeavors in life.Alienation from the society is the single symptom that I fear themost because I like to associate and interact with people. I willneed care and close interaction from society if am diagnosed withpersonality disorder. Close relatives and friend should treat me withgreat care, love and affection to help in the healing process fromthis disorder (Krawitz&amp Jackson, 2008).



Beforetaking this course, I was so shallow in analyzing some behavior inpeople. I came to learn that most of the behavior is a result of themental and cognitive aspect of the human. In the future, I will meetmany people as I pursue my career, and I would understand so behaviorbecause they are beyond a person take. I will appreciate and helpthese with problems to cope and pull through the disorders.


First,I interacted and got to meet new friends that I never thought I willever meet. Through sharing, I have learned a lot from my friends onthe basic life experiences. Third and most important, I heard fromclassmates that a person needs others so as to survive in the worldwe live in.


IfI could pick just one thing that the world would be well served tounderstand better about psychology, it would be personalitydisorders.I chose this becauseI have seen people with this type of disorder, and so I am betterplaced to understand it from that perspective


Krawitz,R., &amp Jackson, W. (2008). Borderlinepersonality disorder.Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Divorceand Stepfamilies are viewed by the whole society as a failure. Peopledo not appreciate the fact that in some cases, divorce is inevitableif at all the marriage is not working. The divorced parents areviewed as a disgrace to moral society standing. The families arediscriminated and never given equal chances in the society. They arelooked down upon and this discourages them to continue and succeed inlife. In most cases, they will in one way or the other get themselvesin the same situation.


Thefuture of the family is dependent on the bond exhibited by the familymembers. When a family`s tie is broken due to divorce, there isconsiderable confusion and that family end up been disintegrated.They live a life of confusion, complain and blame. All their effortsto fulfill ambitions are lost, and the members are likely to sufferfrom psychological disorders.


Theimplications of research findings on children in stepfamilies.Stepfamilies:Who benefits? Who does not,81-87.ot been achieved.

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Greenwald,Anthony G. Poehlman, T. Andrew Uhlmann, Eric Luis Banaji, MahzarinR.( Understanding and using the Implicit Association Test: III.Meta-analysis of predictive validity.)

Thearticle is a review of various documentation to come with an accountof behavioral judgment and a psychological measure of implicitinteraction. The article is a detailed research and due to thecorrelation measured, the authenticity of the finding of the articleis beyond reasonable doubt to be true. The research followed the pathof identifying the management of social behavior towards respondingto self-impairment and responses. The finding of the report, however,was so inconsistent since the findings of similar survey providedvariable outcomes.


Bem,Daryl J. (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 100(3),Mar 2011, 407-425.

Thisis a report of 9 different experiments to understand the retroactiveinfluence of cognitive behavior and control. The research used morethan 100 persons for the experiments to increase the validity of thefindings. I can vividly say that the article finding is valid sincethe sample size and variability is wide enough to support it. Thearticle is about the two conscious cognitive processes ofprecognition and premonition. The article carry’s out a systematicresearch and found that there is a correlation between cognition andpromotion and precognition. The only non-reception to the finding isthe fact that the research was so replicated in its experiments.

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Societyand its culture have for a long time been mean and have treated womenin a manner that is never supposed to. The right to vote and make adecision has been traditionally seen as the role of men. Leadershipand politics have been a male affair but through struggle andrevolution, women are getting the right education and are equallyparticipating in national building. Women are represented inleadership and all fields in the world we live although desiredequality has not been achieved. History has judged the role of womenand gender roles in generally are evolving. Acknowledgement of thepotential of ladies and their contribution to the development hasbeen a mental process. Women were also contributing since theyaccepted to be treated in that way and in some places continue toaccept that males are superior.


Inglehart,R., &amp Norris, P. (2003). Risingtide: Gender equality and cultural change around the world.Cambridge University Press.