Greece’s Crisis


Itis clear that, since 2008, Greece has faced a lot of financialdifficulties, thus affecting sectors of the economy such asinfrastructural development, education among others. In this articletitled “Despair and anger among Greek scientists at universities`finances” and authored by Ned Stafford on 17 July 2015, the effectsof the financial crisis to the learning institutions is wellindicated.

Themajor assumptions made by the author to this website is the factthat, the readers, mostly scientists interested in the field ofchemistry, are well acquitted with the problems which have beenfacing the Greeks, subsequently affecting the education sector.Therefore, there is the need to offer adequate background to thereaders on the problems which have been facing the Greece educationsector. Although the education sector in Greece is facing problems,the author is highly biased to the negative aspects, thus there isthe need to highlight other aspects such as restructuring programsbeing enacted by the Ministry of Education to overcome the challenges(Koulouris,519).

Whilemajority of the information offered in this article is true regardingthe current situation in Greece, some of it may not be accurate asthe contributors have been highly skeptical of the administration inGreece from the time of coming to power. For instance, George Fytas,a physical chemistry professor at the University of Crete, has hadlittle hope with the current administration especially in fundinghigher education such as Postdocs programs among others. Yes theinformation offered in this website is reliable as all the importantfacts regarding the current situation affecting Greek’s economy including the austerity measures approved on 16 July 2015 are wellpresented (Stafford, 1).

Yesthe conclusion made by the author is right. This is based on the factthat, although Greece is facing numerous economic challenges in allthe notable sectors, there is a greater hope that, by being a part ofthe Euro zone, other members such as Germany will support theirdevelopment, thus being able to regain in the long-run.


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